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Easy Alignment For Mounting Fins

I often read about using triangles or squares to align the fin while gluing it in place. What I’ve never seen is how to get around the contours of the fuselage or prevent glue from squeezing out. I glued pieces of …

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Esprit Model Wing Retainer System

Sometimes the easiest solution is the simplest one. Esprit Model offers this simple and clean solution for securely attaching wings to the fuselage, as well as attaching outboard wing panels. Components can be locked in place using these …

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Make A Starting Stand

Recycle your old "Bag Chairs" by making something useful out of them. Based on the number of inquiries at the recent Hoosier Dawn Patrol at the AMA grounds in Muncie, Indiana has motivated me to share my ‘discovery’.

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Spektrum RC – New AS3X Receivers and an Exciting, New Programming Application!

The Spektrum Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis system (AS3X) is a revolutionary receiver technology that has found its way into models large and small since its initial release. The Spektrum AR635 receiver six channel made it possible to add …

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No More Glue Drips

Whenever you are using epoxy for assembling large sections of a model, like joining the horizontal tail to the fuselage, put some low tack masking tape on each side of the joint. Wipe up the epoxy that squeezes out with denatured alcohol. If …

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Redwing RC 30cc Extra 330 SC

RedwingRC Extra 330 SC Blue

With a wingspan of 76 inches and a weight of 11-12 pounds, the newly released Redwing RC 30cc Extra 330 SC is a lightly loaded, high performance aerobatic airplane that is capable of performing extreme 3D and precision …

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Alien Aircraft Blinker

Every now and then you have the opportunity to play with something different like the Alien Aircraft Blinker. Not that flying wings, per se, are that uncommon, but a flying wing with a gondola under it?

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SKS Video Productions – SEFF 2014

Mac Hodges’ Airfield in Americus, Georgia is the home of one of the the premier outdoor electric events in the country. If you were unable to make the trip this year and would still like to take in …

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ElectriFly Lithium Volt Meter – For 2S to 6S Lithium Chemistry Batteries


It is an established fact that keeping the individual cells of a Lithium chemistry battery at or near the same voltage achieves optimum battery performance and longevity. Keeping the individual cells balanced while charging also results in a …

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Video: Great Planes P-6E Hawk ARF

In anticipation of the imminent release of this new model for 2014, Great Planes has just posted a video of their beautiful looking Curtiss P-6E ARF. The only original P-6E Hawk still in existence is on display at …

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E-flite Ultra Micro F4U Corsair BNF with AS3X®

This exciting UMX™ series replica of the F4U Corsair features advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) technology that works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of forces like P-factor, turbulence and torque. Instead of an ultra …

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Lightweight Switches

I have used dress snaps as lightweight switches for many years. By soldering a wire to the rim of each half, you only have to press the two parts together to get a problem-free connection. You can attach one side to the …

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ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic

ParkZone Sukhoi-29mm

Designed by champion pilot and world-class aircraft designer, Mike McConville, the new ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM features Z-foam construction (carbon fiber reinforced foam composition), a SpektrumAR636 receiver with advanced SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, E-flite 13g digital micro …

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