Friday, March 24, 2017

Bonus Content

Joe Nall 2016 revisited

Each year, in the middle of May, a migration of cars and trucks, campers and airplane trailers and RC modelers and their families from everywhere start their trek to the sleepy town of Woodruff, South Carolina. Such is the popularity of Joe Nall Week at the Triple Tree Aerodrome that people get in line just so they can get in line.

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Warbirds Over the Rockies

Arguably the most picturesque Warbird Rally in the country, Warbirds Over The Rockies (WOTR) 2016 has been another epic adventure. Set in Arvada, Colorado, the event has the beautiful backdrop of the Flatiron rock formations with Boulder and the Rocky Mountains just beyond them. I always make some time to drive around this incredible part of our country while I am there and recommend you do the same if you visit the event.

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Choosing and Setting up your first 3D Plane

Skies are blue, winds are low so let's jump right in and look at some important characteristics of an appropriate, first 3D aerobatic plane

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Starting your 3D Aerobatic Journey on the right foot

I remember with great clarity the first time I saw a competent 3D pilot in action, performing wild tumbles and inverted harriers and hovering within inches of the ground. My jaw hit the floor and my concept of this hobby changed forever.

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RAF Museum Tour

This past April I had the opportunity to visit London for the first time with my wife. We especially enjoy history and England is loaded with many lifetimes’ worth of historical stuff. There were quite a few things I wanted to see, but historic fighter planes were on the top of my list.

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2016 NEAT Fair Revisited

Is this heaven? No ... It’s Downsville. For the better part of one week each September, for the last 17 years, Downsville, New York transforms from a sleepy town in the Catskill Mountains to the RC Modeler’s field of dreams.

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VIDEO: Avios Zazzy Sport Airplane

In a celebration of the return of the sport airplane, the January 2017 issue of FlyRC Magazine takes a close-up look at this new model from Avios. With a freshly charged Turnigy Graphene 4S 4000mAh pack instaleld in …

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Castle Creations is Having a Month Long Savings Event Rebate Program


Castle Creations is hosting an amazing savings event for the entire month of September with rebate offers available for several surface, air, and multirotor products. Castle Creations is offering rebates on products such as the Sidewinder 3, the Sidewinder …

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Perry Swap Meet 2016


Over 1,000 tables sold to modelers and the 300 vendors in attendance The Southeastern U.S. is home to a number of major events and just as the flying is getting started in earnest, if you need to stock …

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Toledo Teasers

Just two short weeks ago (at the time of this writing), the 62nd annual WEAK SIGNALS RC Expo in Toledo, Ohio was wrapped and in the books. This year’s event seemed to show an increase in numbers, thanks largely to the mélange of new models out and of course, the inclusion of drones in the show.

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Southeastern Electric Flight Festival 2016


The Southern States Spring Fling! For fifteen years pilots have made their way to Hodges Field outside Americus Georgia for the Southeastern Electric Flight Festival. It’s a week-long event filled with all types of electric flying machines. With …

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