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RC Scholarship for College Students

So, did you ever think that your love for RC could be translated into monetary assistance for your higher education? Of course, we at Fly RC often dreamed of such glorious acts of altruism for our fondness of flying models, but this is now and this is real. RCJugde is offering a $1000 scholarship to the winning essay writer for their first ever contest of this kind.

The folks over at RCJudge have been reviewing models for a while now, but being RC enthusiasts themselves, they have also seen the vast improvements in or gadgets and electronics over the past few decades of the RC hobby. It wasn’t that long ago that most folks on the electric side of the fence were still relying, largely, on NiMH cells to power their rigs. Now, LiPo is the only choice. Brushed motors are much like the dodo, gone and mostly forgotten as brushless power plants have emerged. The innovation in the industry isn’t just an RC thing though, it’s an everything thing. The advances in tech throughout the spectrum of motors, engines, cells and materials in all facets and hobbies in life lead directly to advances in our models.

To further exemplify the fun of RC as well as the things that the wonderful hobby teaches us, far and beyond playing with expensive toys, RCJudge is sponsoring this awesome contest. What you’ve got to do for your chance at a G-note off your next year of college tuition is write a 700-1000 word essay on where you think certain tech-related components on our models will evolve in the future. Of course, there are certain restrictions, but pretty much everything RC related is fair game. So what are you waiting for. Dust off the word processor and get writing!

Check out the full list of eligibility requirements and where to send your essay to at the link below. The contest ends on May 21, 2017 and the winner will be announced on June 21, 2017.