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Tactic Servos

Expertly engineered Tactic servos deliver the speed, torque and precision needed for optimal results in a wide variety of applications. When size and weight must be kept to a minimum, there’s the compact TSX5 Micro — weighing a mere 0.32 oz (9 g). At the opposite extreme, Tactic offers the TSX65 High-Voltage Ultra-Torque Digital Metal Gear servo. It puts out over 356 oz-in (25.7 kg-cm) of torque at 7.4V!

Tactic servo options allow you match your needs to the letter. Select from analog or digital styles, plastic or metal gears, and options with ball bearings and coreless motors. Gain total control and total confidence — with Tactic servos.


  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Servos feature a universal connector compatible with all major radio brands.