Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Tactic TTX403 Four Channel SLT Mini Radio

The TTX403 offers more versatility than one would expect from a transmitter this small. While it’s ideal for flying all Flyzone and Great Planes micro aircraft, the TTX403 also has the range to make it a reliable radio for use with larger, faster airplanes as well. That’s in addition to exclusive Secure Link Technology, in which an unbreakable link is created between the transmitter and the companion SLT receiver — a link that virtually eliminates outside interference. Modelers get all this and more in a compact transmitter that’s packed with features at an affordable price.

*Compact, ergonomic case
* Compatible with all micro- and mini-sized Tx-R airplanes
* Servo reversing, elevon and V-tail mixing
* Digital trim adjustments
* Built-in battery charger for 3.7V LiPo batteries
* Rudder-only models can be flown on the right stick
* Includes 5 “AA” batteries
* An inexpensive alternative to other SLT transmitters

Price: $34.99