Sunday, April 21, 2024

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New Four Stars from SIG

The SIG FOUR-STAR 40 and FOUR-STAR 60 ARFs are coming back on the market very soon and will incorporate some significant upgrades. First of all there’s a name change. The old FOUR-STAR 40 is now called the 4-STAR …

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Snow Bird Plans

If you are looking for a different, inexpensive, super simple, fun flying plane to build this winter, you just found it. For those who are frequently limited to flying indoors, then this is definitely the perfect project for you.

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Building The Nose Of The Stinson SR-9

During the last blog post on my website, I showed you how the Stinson kit design requires you to laminate several components of the nose structure (the fuselage ahead of former F-3, which lies in line with the leading edge of the wing) from die cut 1/8 inch plywood components and then to add various basswood strip spacers.

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