Sunday, April 21, 2024
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High Sierra High Quality 35C Lithium Polymer Batteries

After a year in pre-production testing, has added the High Sierra Li-Polymer battery line to their shelves. This new battery line includes the 3 cell 2200 35C with many more pack sizes in the works. The High Sierra line is a high quality, affordable and American supplied line. Quality is of the utmost importance when choosing a new battery. During production, each High Sierra cell is checked and matched with partner cells to guarantee that each pack has maximum performance. Full life-cycle tests are run repeatedly, resulting in a noticeable increase of power from the high voltage under load. The packs also include an industry leading balance plug. High Sierra packs are competitively priced with the lower priced packs that can be found on the market, with the new 3S 2200 pack being priced at only $19.99.
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