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2013 Hobbico eFest Highlights Video

Enjoy a front-row seat for all the highlights of the 2013 Hobbico eFest when you watch this action-packed video. The annual event spotlights indoor R/C flying and features such events as Scale Competition; Free-Style Flying; Combat; Air Race; Heli Smackdown; and the famous Night Flying climax — when the arena is filled with LED-equipped aircraft for a literally star-studded finale. You’ll also get a glimpse of tomorrow’s model pilots during the mass launch of planes built by children at the “Make It, Take It” center. This video was filmed on February 9-10 at the “home” of eFest, the University of Illinois Armory Track and Field building in Champaign, Illinois. With its 100-foot ceiling and vast open space, the Armory offers an ideal stage for hot R/C flying during cold winter days. Every year eFest draws thousands of visitors and several hundred pilots, ranging from local modelers to nationally known competitors. Start making your plans now to attend next year’s eFest in person!