Sunday, February 25, 2024

New Release

E-Flite Habu 32x

Since 2008, when the ParkZone® Habu was first introduced, jet jocks and speed fans worldwide have flocked to the Habu line of EDF jets for the sporty looks and great performance. The E-flite® Habu 32 DF is the …

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Evolution Engines 15GX 15cc (.91 cu. in.) and 20GX 20cc (1.20 cu. in.) Gas Engines with Pumped Carbs

The Evolution® 15GX and 20GX engines now feature a pumped-carburetor for greater reliability and ease of installation. The new carburetor design utilizes crankcase pressure to make fuel flow uniform and consistent regardless of fuel tank location and makes …

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Dromida Ominus 238mm Sport Quadcopter

Dromida™ Ominus 238mm Quadcopter

100% complete right out of the box, the Dromida Ominus  238mm Sport Quadcopter features one-button auto-flip and is perfect for any skill level. Click the vid-link to see what all this rough and ready quadcopter can do when …

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Durafly EFX Racers!

Very soon to be released by Durafly are their new EFX racers. This pair of foam composition low wing models are designed to give speed junkies an adrenalin fix and then some. They can be flown on either …

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E-Flite Slick 3D 480 ARF

The E-flite® Slick 3D 480 ARF is an aerobatic masterpiece that’s ideal for enjoying thrilling performance in a small field environment. It achieves the 3D vision in every detail from its striking UltraCote® covering scheme to its laser-accurate …

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Durafly Retro Series – Das UglyStik Sports Model EPO 1100mm (PNF)

Durafly™ Retro Series - Das UglyStik Sports Model EPO 1100mm _04

While more than a few ARF models come designed to accept either a nitro engine or electric motor as the power system, the DuraFly Das UglyStik comes with both a brushless outrunner AND a nitro engine already installed! …

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Sig Canopy Glue

SIG Canopy Glue SIGPlanes

With the ability to adhere to plastic, covering, painted surfaces, wood, fiberglass and plastics such as ABS, PETG, butyrate, vinyl, and styrene, Sig Canopy Glue is THE only glue for securely gluing plastic canopies to an airframe. And Sig …

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3D Hobbyshop Yak 55 60″

Check out the latest from 3D HobbyShop with their 60″ Yak 55m. The 3DHobbyShop 60″ Yak 55 is super-high performance scale wood/carbon ARF aircraft.  Using the recommended Torque 6S power system, the Yak 55 is very fast and …

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FPV Vapor by E-Flite

If you have ever wanted to try FPV inside your own home now you can with this ready to go package from E-Flite!  The ever popular Vapor now has an option for a FPV camera backpack that’s ready …

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Great Planes Extra 300sp EP

Overview: A favorite at airshows and competitions around the world, the Extra is a contemporary aerobatic airplane with graceful lines and the ability to execute a wide envelope of thrilling maneuvers. Great Planes has replicated the 300SP in …

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Great Planes Sequence 1.20

The Sequence 1.20 excels in crisp, smooth handling and arrow-straight tracking — precision maneuvers found on top-level competition planes. With its slightly smaller dimensions and use of less expensive power systems, the Sequence 1.20 is ideal for intermediate-level …

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