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3D Hobbyshop Yak 55 60″

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Check out the latest from 3D HobbyShop with their 60″ Yak 55m.

The 3DHobbyShop 60″ Yak 55 is super-high performance scale wood/carbon ARF aircraft.  Using the recommended Torque 6S power system, the Yak 55 is very fast and powerful, and capable of a staggering array of hardcore 3D, precision, and gyroscopic maneuvers.  Available in two gorgeous color schemes in genuine Oracover/Ultracote, the Yak includes all of the features you’ve come to expect in 3DHS aircraft:

  • Carbon wing tube
  • Carbon landing gear
  • Aluminum axles
  • Carbon tail gear
  • Ball link hardware
  • Carbon fuselage stringers
  • Composite control horns
  • Wing bags
  • Vinyl graphics

Compatible with a variety of power systems using 4S-6S Lipo batteries, the Yak requires 4 mid-size metal gear servos.  Hitec HS-7245MG’s are recommended. Like the 91″ Yak 55 model, the 60″ Yak 55 includes a modular wing-tip system for variable yaw-stability.  You can fly with or without the included SFG’s, and when using the SFG’s you can fly with or without the differential-drag wingtip blocks.  This tip arrangement allows you to tailor the feel of the Yak in high-speed maneuvers to your liking.

Check it out at 3dhobbyshop.com