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Flying Cinema CineTank Mk.1

Introducing the New CineTank Mk I. This quadcopter frame is designed and made in-house with the goal of getting you flying without the fuss. Free Wera Hex Driver included with every frame kit. This Quadcopter has all the features you would want in an acrobatic and aerial sport video platform

* No Jello or vibration in your video
* No props in view even with GoPro Wide settings
* Carbon Fiber Arms that provide better aerodynamics and vibration dampening
* G10 Phenolic frame with honeycomb design to add strength and drastically reduce weight, also RF transparent for better range
* All hardware is hex 3mm stainless steel, only one tool needed to assemble the frame
* Wera hex driver included with every frame kit
* Flight controller mounting holes to support cc3d, Revo, Naze32, KK2, ArduPilot and many more
* Integrated Motor Mounts support universal 16mm x 19mm bolt pattern motors
* Motor Mounts support inverted motors for X8-Octocopter layout (in Development)
* The dirty section (bottom) has walls to increase strength and tortional rigidity of the copter and also protects your ESCs
* Camera plate adjust fore and aft to change CoG and help you balance your craft
* Wires from motors can be routed via the carbon fiber tubes to protect them in the event of a crash
* The motor mounts are designed to protect the motors and the motor wires in the event of a crash
* Low profile landing gear pads
* Every part will be available for replacement individually
* The quad frame is manufactured in-house in the USA!
Free shipping in CONUS

Recommended Power System-
SunnySky X2216 1250kv or Tiger MT2216 1100kv
SimonK Flashed F30a or Afro ESC 30Amp

CineTank Mka

Introducing the CineTank Mk

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4s 3300 for sport flying
4s 4000 for endurance
WT: 468.14g