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Tactic AnyLink2 2.4GHz Radio Adapter

Bring your transmitter up to 2.4GHz standard with the AnyLink2!

AnyLink revolutionized the world of R/C by letting anyone convert their radios to 2.4GHz SLT powerhouses instantly. Now, the AnyLink2 has taken that revolutionary idea one step further by increasing the models range, simplifying setup, adding an internal power source and reducing the number and complexity of cables needed.

AnyLink2 Gives You All These Features:
* Full Range—Confidently control aircraft great and small, even at long ranges.
* Built In Power Source—No external batteries or adapters required!
* Simplified Adapter Cables—Connect one headphone-jack style wire and fly.
* Easy Tx Mapping—Push one button to select your Tx brand, that’s all.
* Airtronics Compatibility—In addition to all brands with which the original AnyLink complied.
* Tx Handle Mounting Clamp—Securely fastens the AnyLink2 to radio handles.

Controlling larger planes at longer distances is now possible with less hassle from cables and power supplies, all while using your favorite transmitter.

Available in January 2014 ~ Price: $34.99

Tactic AnyLink2 Adapter1

Tactic AnyLink2 Adapter2