Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Madison Components Lil’ Trickler Multi

“Lil’ Trickler Multi” is a trickle charger adapter that plugs between your charger and wall outlet to provide a constant safe trickle for your Radio, Glo-Starter chargers or virtually all re-chargeable batteries. (For example: Cordless Drills, Screw Guns, Vacuum, Cell Phone, Flashlight, Etc.)

“Lil’ Trickler Multi” allows you to trickle charge up to 3 standard (4-7 watt) chargers. There is no cutting or soldering involved. All you do is plug “Lil’ Trickler Multi” into a 110 volt wall socket and plug your chargers into “Lil’ Trickler Multi”. Set switch to “standard” and connect your batteries, making sure that your chargers’ lights are on and you have a good contact. Then, after normal charge, just move the switch to “Trickle”. “Lil’ Trickler Multi” light assures you that it’s doing its’ job. The lights on your chargers will either glow dim, or not at all. THAT’S IT !!

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