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Electric Power Systems Guides from

Electric power systems are often something of a mystery to modelers – but now comprehensive guidance to all aspects of electric power systems is available from Gibbs Guides.

This new 3-part series gives you access to a wealth of top quality information. The uniquely clear style of writing simplifies this complex subject and makes it easy for you to understand. Each guide is packed full of techniques and technical know-how, yet needs no math to understand. Mastering Motors is the first of this essential 3-part series. This 68 page guide explains the principles and operation of both brushed and brushless motors. The two types of brushless motor, the inrunner and the outrunner, are covered in detail. Carefully crafted explanations are complimented by superb photographs, charts and graphs, each with an informative caption. Together, these make your learning quick, easy and enjoyable. Mastering Motors is priced at £6.95, which is around USD $10.

More than Motors builds on the motor knowledge and understanding created in part 1, and brings the complete power system to life. The focus of this guide is batteries, propellers, ESCs, wiring and connectors. The 68 pages of this superbly useful guide include an analysis of the power systems of 11 example models. More Than Motors is priced at £6.95, which is around USD $10.

Power System Solutions consists of 78 pages packed with solid, high quality content. The heart of this guide is a comprehensive set of quick reference electric power system tables. These allow you to effortlessly choose a suitable power system for almost any model in the 100 – 1,000 Watt range. Power System Solutions also discusses how to select, install and safely test a new power system, as well as how to avoid damaging power system components and much more. This guide will help you to avoid expensive mistakes, saving you time, money and effort. Power System Solutions is priced at £7.95, which is around USD $12.

The guides are available only as e-books and represent excellent value for money. The guides are available at

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