Monday, October 2, 2023

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SIG Rascal 72

The Sig Rascal has roots going back to the 1950’s with a small free flight model and they continued to make the design popular in many sizes over the years. They recently updated three sizes of the Rascal series with the most recent being the Rascal 72.

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Make A Starting Stand

Recycle your old "Bag Chairs" by making something useful out of them. Based on the number of inquiries at the recent Hoosier Dawn Patrol at the AMA grounds in Muncie, Indiana has motivated me to share my ‘discovery’.

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No More Glue Drips

Whenever you are using epoxy for assembling large sections of a model, like joining the horizontal tail to the fuselage, put some low tack masking tape on each side of the joint. Wipe up the epoxy that squeezes out with denatured alcohol. If …

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