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Castle Creations is Having a Month Long Savings Event Rebate Program


Castle Creations is hosting an amazing savings event for the entire month of September with rebate offers available for several surface, air, and multirotor products. Castle Creations is offering rebates on products such as the Sidewinder 3, the Sidewinder …

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Perry Swap Meet 2016


Over 1,000 tables sold to modelers and the 300 vendors in attendance The Southeastern U.S. is home to a number of major events and just as the flying is getting started in earnest, if you need to stock …

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Toledo Teasers

Just two short weeks ago (at the time of this writing), the 62nd annual WEAK SIGNALS RC Expo in Toledo, Ohio was wrapped and in the books. This year’s event seemed to show an increase in numbers, thanks largely to the mélange of new models out and of course, the inclusion of drones in the show.

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Southeastern Electric Flight Festival 2016


The Southern States Spring Fling! For fifteen years pilots have made their way to Hodges Field outside Americus Georgia for the Southeastern Electric Flight Festival. It’s a week-long event filled with all types of electric flying machines. With …

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A Soldier’s Journey Into RC

We all have a story of how we got into flying RC aircraft . For many of us it started as a child-hood love for toy airplanes. Others jumped into it with our fathers, mothers or grand-parents. Most of us enjoy the hobby as something to do in our free time to relax, but for others, it’s been a less common journey

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Video: E-flite Carbon-Z P2 Prometheus Bipe In Action!

Our own Josh Bernstein reviewed this exciting offering from E-flite in the September issue of FlyRC magazine. Words simply do not do this amazing model justice. And so we give our readers a video of Josh wringing this …

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Warbirds over the Rockies

Brian O’Meara has a passion that is helping to keep this great hobby of ours alive and well. Not a new face in the hobby, you will find him and his models gracing model magazines dating back to before many of our readers were even born!

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YF2Y-1 Convair SeaDart

The Convair SeaDart was the world’s first turbojet- powered supersonic, water based fighter/interceptor. The aircraft was designed by Corvair in the early 1950s in response to a United States Navy contest for a supersonic interceptor aircraft . Supersonic …

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Whats Old Is New

In a hobby where there is a dizzying array of products hitting the shelves on a daily basis, there are still models that sell themselves, based solely on word of mouth or tall tales at the local club.

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Web Exclusive: South East Regional Aerotow 2016!

South East Regional Aero-tow Growing the sport of aero-towing one pilot at a time! WORDS AND PHOTOS BY ANDREW GRIFFITH A little local history Going north on I-75 in Georgia, just south of the home of the Perry …

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Surprise B2 Flyover in Pasadena

Why, why, why does this never happen to us at Fly RC!!!???

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Video: Twisted Hobbys Veloxity EPP

As a part of the full review contained in the May 2016 issue of FlyRC Magazine, our 3D and extreme aerobatic loving contributor Josh Bernstein flies the twisted Hobbys RCFactory Veloxity EPP. If you have yet to read …

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