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Watch the video of the Great Planes Widgeon

From Fly RC Magazine: Perhaps the best-known Widgeon was a license-built French variant officially known as a SCAN-30. Constructed in 1967, N4453 sports a pair of Lycoming R-680 radial engines and was the magic carpet that carried Mr. Roarke’s guests to Fantasy Island for over six years on the hit television series of the same name. Like many others of my generation, Fantasy Island was my introduction to this unique aircraft, and I waited each week for the few fleeting glimpses offered at the start of each show.

The Fly RC Team reviewed the Electrifly G-44 Widgeon ARF for our November 2011 Issue. For the full review, including how the airplane performed in our test flights, expert tips to get the most out of your model, detailed shots of the airplane’s features and our reviewer’s overall impressions, click here to purchase this issue.