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Traxxas DR-1 High Performance Coaxial Dual Rotor Helicopter

The dual-rotor coaxial design of the Traxxas Dr-1 delivers stable, smooth hovering and precise movements that can be mastered in seconds. The ergonomic 2.4GHz two-stick transmitter features full 4-channel control. The customizable control modes allow you to learn flight skills fast in Normal Mode, then unlock faster flying performance with Expert Mode for high-speed flying maneuvers. Aluminum side plates, tail boom, and landing skids give the DR-1 a realistic, high-tech look and Traxxas Tough durability. The DR-1 is built for years of fun with available replacement parts and custom option parts. The DR-1 is completely ready-to-fly, right down to the included LiPo battery, handy USB-powered charger, and Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries. Traxxas protects your investment with our award winning support and exclusive Helicopter Replacement Plan: You can trade in your DR-1 at any time, and in any condition, and purchase a new model (transmitter not included) for just half the list price of the ready-to-fly DR-1.

Length: 8.9 Inches (225mm)
Width (main frame): 1.14 Inches (29mm)
Rotor Diameter: 8.7 Inches (220mm)
Blade Length: 4.1 Inches (104mm)
Weight: 2.4oz (67g)
Height (overall): 4.6 Inches (117mm)
Stabilization: Gyro
Motor (electric): N20 (2)
Radio System: 2.4GHz 4-channel multi-mode
Servo: Digital – 0.07sec/60° (2)
Chassis Structure/Material: Anodized aluminum main frame
Skill Level: 1
Included Accessories:

450mAh 1-Cell LiPo (3.7 volts) battery pack, USB-powered dual LiPo charger, spare rotor blade set, Phillips screwdriver, and four Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries.