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Three Additional OS High Performance Brushless Motors Coming Soon

Modelers worldwide have long used OS Engines to power their radio controlled vehicles. OS recently expanded beyond their internal combustion roots by adding a line of electric brushless motors. Their design mission was to offer the same legendary quality and reliability that have made OS Engines popular for over 75 years and offer discriminating modelers a new “gold standard” of brushless motors.


Key features include:

  • Three high-quality bearings
  • A thick can design that resists distortion
  • A stainless steel prop shaft
  • Included backplate, prop shaft, and gold-plated female plugs
  • Unique centrifugal fan design that increases motor efficiency
  • Two year limited warranty

OS came out of the gate by initially offering six different sizes of brushless motors equivalent to .10 (1050Kv), .15 (1000Kv), .25 (1200Kv), .30 (750Kv), .40 (490Kv) & .50 (375Kv) size glow engines.  They are now expanding the product line by adding three additional brushless motors, sized as equivalent to .05 (1200Kv), .25 (960Kv) and  .40(810Kv) size glow engines. The .05 is the smallest motor in the series thus far and perfect for many foamie park flyers, while the new .40 size motor can fly a .50 size aircraft with power to spare using a 4S lipo battery! Coming late September 2012.


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