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Star Power Connectors – The Power Plug with the Compatibility Plus!

There is a new option available for hobbyists when it comes to making dependable and efficient electrical connections: the Star Plug. Several notable features are engineered into this new series of connectors. A two piece plug eliminates the need to use heat shrink, which translates into quicker and neater installations. Simply slide the rear cap in place on the wires before soldering the wires to the plug, make the connections and then slide it forward until it snaps in place on the rear of the plug. A center isolator in this cap effectively prevents the two wires from shorting together. The entire connector is molded out of heat- and impact-resistant polymer, which also makes for  for safe handling and long life. Gold- and
nickel-plating on terminals ensure excellent conductivity and long life. A stainless steel spring ensures that connections start and stay tight, even after hundreds of uses. And the new Star Power Connectors are 100% compatible one of the industry’s most popular polarized plugs, the Deans T Connector.

Star Plug Specifications:

  • Dimensions (assm): 1.36” x 0.61” (34.5 x 15.42 mm)
  • Weight (assm): 0.19 oz (5.4 g)
  • Max. Wire Gauge: 12AWG (with rear cap installed); 10AWG (without rear cap)

For more information, or to locate where to obtain them in your area, click through to rcstarplug.com!

Star Plug