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Spektrum: The New DX18

The NEW DX18 builds on the solid foundation of the DX18 and voice alerts and wireless buddy box features. The DX18 offers pilots all the features a pilot might want for an advanced model, and with the addition of wireless buddy box and voice alerts the DX18 reclaims the top spot as the flagship Spektrum offering. The DX18 offers everything a discerning pilot may want in a control system. Whether its quality gimbals, advanced programming options, a diversity antenna system or integrated telemetry with voice alerts, the DX18 has it! The Spektrum Data Interface allows for model programming/setup data to be transferred from one radio to another compatible radio.

Unique Heli features:
• Electronic “E Ring” electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos
• Two options (Up-Timer) and (Down-Timer); programmable to either the trainer switch, or throttle stick.
• Curve and linear program mixes allows flexibility in programs
• Active gain control allows for in flight
• adjustments of the gyro gain settings
• ModelMatch prevents wrong model syndrome
• Multiple model types available for programming; ACRO/HELI/SAILPLANE
• Low battery voltage warning alerts the user with a spoken warning, an audible buzzer, a vibration alert and visual warning
• Programmable Flap System allows for elevator and flap positions to be programmed for landing and takeoff.
• Flap Delay w/elevator compensation. Adjustable control of flap servo speed
• Telemetry warning screen (Audible/ Voice/ Buzzer) provides tonal, spoken voice, and vibration alerts.
• Mode Selectable (1-4) Allows the user to change the radio between modes 1 through 4 both in software and hardware
• Range Check function – Integrated range check function displays flight log data, (Antenna Fades, Frame Losses, and Holds).

Modulation: DSMX/DSM2
Band: 2.4GHz
Channels: 18
Receiver: AR9020
Programming Features: Air/Heli/Sailplane
Model Memory: 250
Transmitter Battery: Includes 2S Li-PO & 120V AC to 12V DC – 500mA output power supply (SPM9551)
Experience level: Advanced
Modes: User selectable 1, 2, 3 or 4