Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Sig T-Clips EP ARF

“T-CLIPS” is no ordinary clipped wing Taylorcraft. Originally a stock 1939 Taylorcraft, this is the only clipped wing T’craft in the world currently flying airshows with an original size engine. Airshow pilot Erik Edgren refers to this as …

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SEFF 2013

The Southeast Electric Flight Festival is always a great way to kick off the outdoor flying season. For the past twelve years, the Fayette Flyers of Georgia have hosted electric RC flyers from all over the U.S. as …

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Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses

If you cannot use polarized lenses, take a look at the Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses. Extreme Glare technology supersedes polarized lenses without the annoying blotches on windshields and all avionic digital screens/instruments. Extreme Glare Technology eliminates most sun …

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Mastering the Loop

Once you master basic flight, it is only natural to want to venture into aerobatics.  RC airplanes make it easy to perform maneuvers that only the elite aerobatic pilots can fly in full-scale.  There are many maneuvers that …

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