Sunday, February 25, 2024

New Release

Hitec X2 AC Plus 2 Port AC/DC Multi-Charger

Hitec’s new X2 AC Plus charger offers expanded capacity and compatibility in a portable and compact package. Dual inputs create a flexible battery charging solution that can be used at home and in the field. An innovative power …

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Tower Hobbies Laser 200 Flatty ARF

Try your hand at 3D maneuvers without breaking the bank with the new Tower Hobbies Laser 200 Flatty ARF. This economically priced foam model can be assembled in about three hours. A pilot can start out with reduced …

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Hitec Flash 8 Eight Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio

With the introduction of the new Flash 8, the impressive family of transmitters from Hitec grows even larger! Hot on the heels of their popular Flash 7 transmitter, the Flash 8 delivers reliability, expanded performance features and outstanding …

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MaxAmps 3S 11.1v 2000mAh Bebop Drone Battery Pack

Parrot Bebop Drone owners know that one major challenge is the relatively short flight time offered by the stock battery. MaxAmps has now released a high-performance LiPo battery pack upgrade for the Parrot Bebop Drone. This lightweight battery …

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Sig Announces the Seagull Models T-34 Mentor ARF

T34 Mentor

The Beechcraft T-34 Mentor had a long and productive service life, seeing service in the U.S.A.F., U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and in many foreign countries. It was designed in 1948 as a replacement for the AT-6/SNJ airplanes, used …

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Sig Announces the Release of the Seagull Models Van’s RV-8 “Diamond Di”

Sig Manufacturing, the exclusive distributor of Seagull Models in the USA and Canada, recently announced the release of a new model from Seagull Models, the Van’s RV-8 “Diamond Di”. This 20cc sized ARF kit is built using conventional …

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Multiplex Rockstar Aerobatic Biplane

Hitec invites aerobatic loving pilots to party with one of their new offerings for 2015, the Rockstar.  This sleek yet flashy biplane from Multiplex is the ultimate in aerial excitement and entertainment. Constructed out of resilient Elapor® foam …

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Sig Announces Release of Seagull Models Steen Skybolt


Designed by an R/C modeler named LaMar Steen in 1970, the full-scale Skybolt became the most successful a two-place homebuilt fully aerobatic biplane in the world. Over 450 Skybolts have been built and flown in the US, and …

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Esprit Model Jeti High Voltage Regulator Inline

The new Jeti High Voltage Inline regulator is the only high voltage switching BEC designed to regulate the voltage from a pilot’s  9.5-59V (3S-16S) power source and provide stabilized output voltage of 5.5V up to 150mA. Works with …

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HobbyZone Sportsman S+ RTF and BNF

New pilots can take to the skies without hesitation and teach themselves to fly with the HobbyZone Sportsman S+. The Sportsman S+ is designed to be as intuitive as possible and comes loaded with SAFE Plus technology. SAFE …

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E-flite UMX FPV Radian BNF without Headset

The complex electronics required  to create a convincing First-Person View (FPV) experience often requires a high level of expertise and critical arrangement of components. But now, thanks to E-flite, there’s a simpler way. The FPV UMX Radian aircraft …

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