Sunday, July 14, 2024

New Release

Ultimate Bipe GP/EP ARF

Ultimate Bipe p1

A superior sport aerobat! Designed for everyday aerobatics, the 45.5” span Ultimate Bipe is an impressive show-stopper! Whether you equip it with glow or electric power, you can expect solid tracking and excellent performance from this outstanding ARF …

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Esprit Tech Jeti DC-24 Radio System

Esprit Tech Jeti DC-24 main

The time has come. Esprit Tech has reached final steps in the FCC process and the DC-24’s have shipped from Jeti Model! We have waited just as patiently as you, and are very excited to see these coming in. …

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SkySmoke: New Smoke Fluid From Sullivan Products & SuperDri

SkySmoke main

Sullivan Products is proud to announce a joint partnership with SuperDri, the leader in full scale smoke oil. Sullivan Products will be marketing full scale smoke fluid to the RC market, S760-SkySmoke will be blended and bottled by …

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Hitec Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station

Hitec Power Peak D7 ACDC Charging Station Main

Hitec continues to bring you exemplary power and convenience with our latest Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station. Armed with two independent 200-watt output ports, producing up to 20 amps of charge current each, the Power Peak D7 …

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Strip LED NAV Lites

Now you can have LED strip lights on any model without the hassle of assembly. These durable and long lasting systems are ready to use with red, white and green strips for high visibility day or night. Never lose orientation! Fast installation. Just “stick ‘em on” and attach to your LiPo charge connector.

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New Release – E-Flite Timber BNF Basic with Floats

Fly from just about anywhere with the new Timber BNF from E-Flite. There’s no need for a dedicated runway with this plane. Tall grass, gravel, snow or even a lake can be your spot for short take off’s …

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New Releases from FlightLineRC: 1200mm Lavochkin LA-7 and Spitfire Mk.IX

MotionRC’s exclusive partnership with Freewing to bring the new FlightLineRC branding of models to market has resulted in the availability of several new 1200mm class, EPO composition warbirds. FlightLineRC’s mission statement promised a focus on both rarely modeled …

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Sneak Peek – Legacy Aviation Mini Duster from Extreme Flight RC

Last year Extreme Flight announced they were branching out into a family of brands to cover a wider spectrum of RC Aircraft. One of the new lines is called Legacy Aviation and it focuses on more civilian scale …

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Horizon Announces the E-Flite UMX B-25

The E-flite® UMX™ B-25 Mitchell is an ultra micro tribute to their heroic spirit in a model that can be flown just about anywhere. Its realistic outline boasts the muscular appearance of twin radial engines that turn three-blade …

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VIDEO: Twisted Hobby’s 43″ EPP Veloxity

From the Twisted mind of Cody Wojcik comes the Veloxity!  Loosely based on the full-scale Velox Revolution 1, the Veloxity delivers an experience never before available in a foam plane.  As one of the stiffest foam airframes around, …

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MotionRC Announces New Series of FlightLineRC Models

According to a Press Release from MotionRC, the birth of an entirely new brand of foam composition, electric powered models will make 2016 a very exciting year for warbird lovers: Motion RC is proud to announce FlightLineRC, a …

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