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JR XBus Serial Communication System

XBus is like having your own ‘local area network’ within your model. One single XBus connection from your receiver opens up a world of infinite possibilities.

The XBus serial communication system allows you to control up to 56 servos (14 channel transmitter) while independently tuning each for direction, endpoint/travel and neutral. The full line-up of PWM converters makes this simple while ending the clutter and RF causing wiring associated with long servo leads and Y-Harnesses. But multiple servos can sometimes have large power requirements – XBus has you covered with our full line up of Power Hubs. The XBus line-up includes small and convenient dedicated hubs, which get their power from the XBus serial cable. Our shared hubs enable you to plug in a multiple batteries anywhere in the system to meet your high current needs in areas like multi-servo wings or tails. And when you are serious about your power needs, JR is serious too! Our exclusive XB1-CHB Heavy Duty Center Hub eliminates the high cost and complexity of Power-Bus and Matching type devices. The XB1 is prewired with Deans connectors and allows you to plug in up to two batteries, and its internal balancer keeps things in check during discharge. The power and serial information bus allows you to connect up to five Xbus converters to meet your exact needs. The XBus serial communication system brings simplicity, expandability, flexibility and the quality that is JR.

• Allows simple and efficient distribution of information and power throughout your model
• JR’s – IOS Intelligent Output System –Effectively and efficiently manages channel signals and frame rate – you can “Feel the Difference”
• Set up and adjustments can be made wirelessly from your transmitter – No PC required as with other systems
• Compatibility – “Mode A”- JR Proprietary, “Mode B” V-Bar, Beast X, and other
• Full Line of XBus Accessories – Provides unmatched configurability and scalability.
• XBus is backward compatible with XG6 & XG8 with user upgrades via SD Card