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Alien Aircraft Funmaster 72

The new FunMaster 72 form Alien Aircraft Corp. will be an instant hit with the sport flyer crowd. The FunMasters unique “Tundra” styling that features oversize flaps and wheel give it look and personality rarely seen at the flying field. You’ll be amazed by its outstanding takeoff, landing and flight performance that make it the perfect sport model. The FunMaster 72 is glow or electric ready, no conversion required. But its so much more than that. The Funmaster 72 features a universal quick change mounting system that allows you to carry a large number of accessories onboard.

Whether it’s FPV, external bomb drop, GoPro video or the optional internal bombay, the quick mount system allows you to switch between missions at the flying field in just minutes. The 72” wingspan FunMaster features rugged all wood construction providing a strong, light weight structure that delivers outstanding performance and It’s quick building will have you at the flying field in minimum time. With its classic lines and great handling, the FunMaster 72 will turn heads at the flying field every time it’s flown.

The specifications for the Alien Aircraft Corp. FunMaster 72 are:
FunMaster 72 Kit # AK-504
Wingspan = 72” Area = 864Sq.” Weight = 6 to 7.5 lbs. Wing Loading = 17.3 oz / Sq.’
Standard Glow Power: .46 – .65 2-Cycle Motor .50 – .75 4-Cycle Motor
Electric capable: Himax HC-4220-0770 Brushless Motor Battery: 4 Cell, 5000 mAh LIPO
4 Channel R/C Designed by: Tom Herr

This beautiful kit is Made in America and features 193 World Class Laser Cut Parts from hand selected AAA Balsa and aircraft grade plywood, Tab and Notch construction for quick and accurate assembly, 3-D Cad design for precision part fit, Semi-Symmetrical Airfoil, 3 Full Size Computer drawn plans, Quality hardware pack, and Formed wire landing gear. The 54 page full color construction manual is available online. Alien Aircraft Corp. kits are sold factory direct. Visit the web site at: WWW.AlienAircraft.Com to order or for more information.