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Icare Sonic F5B Hotliner

The Sonic F5B KC is a great model to get into sport F5B flying. It follows the latest trend in F5B rules with a larger wingspan. It comes in a very sturdy full Kevlar/Carbon construction that will allow you to have the thrill and speed F5B style flying. The MH-30 airfoil provides a wide speed range, so this glider will have great climb and wind penetration capability to search for thermals. Versatility is the key with this airfoil. It is efficient at any airspeed, and will allow for good climb rate in thermals, and also be very fast for some hot-dogging. Just an excellent all around hotliner. The wing comes with a flaps and ailerons configuration that allows you to setup crow for short and precise landing.

Kit contents:
– Fuselage is all Kevlar/Carbon reinforced, very sturdy, and painted
– The wing is in three pieces, hollow moulded epoxy-fiberglass and full carbon D-box, with ailerons and flaps live hinged
– T tail and optional rudder, hollow moulded.
– Accessories and assembly instructions

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