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Icare EDF Jet Extender – Self Launch System for Gliders

ICARE is pleased to release this new high performance edf selflaunch system for gliders. This retractable edf unit makes a break through into a new dimension of dynamic soaring. Aerobatic gliders and any modern high performance glider can perform spectacular flights. It allows fast aerobatics as well as high-speed flights with an absolute jet feeling (and the sound), It also allows for long thermal flights after a quick climb. A 10kg (22lbs) glider reaches 250m height in about 15 seconds. Suited for gliders up to 11kg (24lbs). The carbon-aluminum mechanism is about it all. Whenever you want, you may extend or retract the edf unit or extend, even during heavy aerobatics, outside loop or inverted spins. The multiple ball bearings guided tracks are accurately positioned in seconds by the included sequencer. The sequencer is included with the unit and already pre-programmed, no need to set anything. You can choose between (1) channel operation (1 switch for extension and a motor) or 2 channel operation (1 switch for extension and a proportional channel for throttle). It has numerous safety features that nsure that the engine only starts when the edf is fully extended, when retracting the motor is switched off and after short pause, the retraction of the edf unit automatically starts. The carbon edf unit is manufactured according to the latest technology and integrated into the mechanism. The engine noise is barely distinguishable from turbine. It has a very low and relatively quiet sound, and no high pitch sound, like we are used from edf jets. Due to the very low position of the edf unit on the fuselage almost no pitching moment is present, the model flies very neutral, as it would be pulled by a system in the nose. If you are looking for the ultimate in power kick and at the same time a reasonable all-purpose unit for your glider, then you will love the JetExtender 10

EDF Jet Extender 10 Acro, price: 1399.00 USD

For more info please check out: www.icare-rc.com or www.icare-icarus.com