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Evolution Engines 62GXi 62cc Single Cylinder Gas Engine with SureFire EFI

Now there’s a Giant-Scale gas engine for those who don’t want the requirement of engine expertise. The Evolution® Engines 62GXi is a potent 62cc engine with the efficiency and convenience of an electronic fuel injection system. Simple to setup and maintain, it’s a Horizon Hobby innovation that means you never have to touch a needle-valve to enjoy starting ease, reliability and long engine life. That’s because SureFire™ Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology combines finely-tuned software and sophisticated sensors so the engine gets the perfect flow of fuel no matter where or what you fly.

The Evolution Engines 62GXi is the only purposely built RC engine on the market to feature an advanced electronic fuel injection system specially made for the needs of the giant-scale model pilot. There are no needle-valves to ever worry about because the SureFire EFI™ system provides smooth, reliable operation and optimum engine transition automatically, regardless of throttle position or atmospheric conditions. Just fuel, flip and fly.

Like all Evolution engines, the 62GXi is built to exact standards with high-quality materials, plus it comes ready to run with a compact 2-cell Li-Po compatible ignition and high-quality muffler. It’s the most advanced giant-scale gas power system you won’t have to touch except to fill the gas tank.

Benchmark Prop: Falcon 23 x 9 @ 7300 rpm
Bore: 1.81 in (46.0mm)
Carb Type: Electronic fuel injection
Crankshaft Threads: 4-5mm prop bolts on 30mm diameter centers
Cylinder Type: Ringed
Cylinders: Single
Displacement: 3.75 cu. in. (61.49 cc)
Engine (Only) Weight: 53.8 oz (1525 g)
Fuel: 87 octane and above
Fuel Type: Gas
Ignition Weight: 4.6 oz (130 g)
Muffler Threads: 5mm
Muffler Type: Inverted wraparound (included)
Muffler Weight: 8.2 oz (233 g)
Oil Type & Content : Synthetic, 32:1 ratio
Plug Type: CM-6
Prop Range: 22 x 8 – 24 x 10
RPM Range: 1,000-8,000
Stroke: 1.46 in (37.0mm)
Total Weight: 66.6 oz (1888 g)
Type: 2-stroke gas/petrol airplane engine