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Easy to Install Electric Spoilers by E-flite

You don’t have to be a master modeler to add the realism of functioning spoilers to your airplane. The completely self-contained E-flite® electric spoiler system requires no air tank, complex linkages or extra servo. Best of all they simply bolt into place and operate from a spare receiver channel. For the hot new E-flite Blanik L-13 4.2 m ARF sailplane (EFL4910), these spoilers are a direct fit and a highly recommended option for pilots that want a scale glider that can reach its full aerobatic potential.

In aviation, a spoiler is a device intended to provide glide path control. The spoiler mechanisms are mounted flush with the top surface of a wing and can be proportionately extended. When deployed into the airflow, the spoiler creates a carefully controlled stall over the portion of the wing behind it, greatly reducing the lift of that wing section. An increased rate of descent could also be achieved by lowering the nose of an aircraft, but this would result in an excessive landing speed. Spoilers greatly reduce lift while making only a moderate increase in drag so that you can control the rate of descent and thus achieve a controlled landing to a desired spot.

Key Electric Spoiler Features
> Intended for wings in length of 3–4 meters
> Plug-N-Play® style electronics
> Lightweight aluminum construction
> Integrated electric motor with a micro PCB
> Built-in over current protection
> Proportional, scale scissor-type action
> Open and close limit switches

These new electric spoilers have a built-in proportional motor that eliminates the need for mechanical linkage and simplifies installation. E-flite spoilers come in right and left configuration, each with a long servo lead and universal servo connector. Both units can be connected with a Y-Harness to the receiver or setup on two separate channels for independent control.

Electric Spoiler Specifications
Application: Glider/Sailplane
Connector: Universal
Voltage: 4.8–6.0V
Current Draw Idle: 0.15–0.22A (4.8V); 0.18–0.24A (6.0V)
Current Draw Stall: 0.4–0.6A (4.8V); 0.4–0.7A (6.0V)
Motor Type: N20 brushed
Speed: 4.8V (1.0 sec), 6.0V (0.8 sec)
Blade Length: 17.32 in (440 mm)
Overall length: 19.10 in (485 mm)
Installation Depth: 0.63 in (16 mm)
Height Deployed: 1.81 in (46 mm)
Weight: 2.77 oz (78.5 g) each
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EFL491009 Electric Spoilers, 440mm $94.99