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Futaba 12FG Radio System

Positioned neatly between Futaba’s sport radio line and itsextreme high-end systems, the new 12FG is a full-tilt, top-end,no-holds-barred radio in a very refined package. Though missingsome of the bling of the 12Z and 14MZ, you don’t have to pay foranything that you might not really need. When you’re flying, mostimportant are all the little things that add up to a higher level of controlover your prized model; there, this radio doesn’t skimp on anything. Ifyou want the best for less, look closely at Futaba’s new 12FG radio.

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Maxford USA Gee Bee Model Y

Built in 1931, the Model Y is widely regarded as the finest flying Gee Bee to come out of the Granville brothers’ Springfield, MA, shop. Though it doesn’t have the familiar Gee Bee silhouette, the Model Y exemplifies the grace and elegance that make Golden Age aircraft so appealing. Originally conceived as a two-place sport flyer, the Model Y’s smooth handling and high performance also made it a natural for racing and aerobatic displays.

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Convair F2Y Sea Dart

The Sea Dart builds very quickly using traditional sheet foam construction techniques. Begin by cutting a set of parts from 3mm Great Planes ProFormance Foam. Next install the 1mm x 3mm carbon reinforcements in the wing and fin leading edges. Now install the 3mm carbon tube main wing reinforcement. Next, cut a 45-degree bevel on the leading edge of the elevons and install them with Du-Bro #916 electric flyer hinge tape. Now we are ready to start final assembly!

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New Moon EDF Jet

Build Your Own Fantasy Jet! CLICK HERE to download the New Moon Plan (Tiled Version)

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Expand The Versatility of a Dremel Tool

Most modelers consider the Dremel tool to be a must-have accessory for the workshop. They use them for any number of routine tasks, from trimming music wire to sanding, drilling, grinding and shaping. Many modelers I have talked to don’t ask their Dremels for much more than that though, and this is a shame.

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Flying The Harrier

As 3D flying becomes more common, I see pilots from every conceivable realm of RC flight expressing a guarded interest in learning how to fly some of the more basic 3D maneuvers. Damping this enthusiasm is a misconception that only the best of the best RC pilots can fly 3D. That isn’t the case at all. With a little understanding and the right airplane, I find that even the most hesitant 3D pilots can be successful and have a lot of fun exploring 3D flight.

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