Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Video: Futaba CGY750 V1.3x Update and Setup Tips

Let Nick Maxwell guide you through the installation and setup of Futaba’s V1.3x free software upgrade for the CGY750 3-Axis Gyro and Governor System. The upgrade delivers unsurpassed performance and response, with new features that include phase sensor support, five flight modes and much more. In Part One, Nick explains installation steps and options. He also offers inside tips for taking the best advantage of the software’s capabilities. If you’re an experienced heli pilot, you’ll find Part Two especially useful — Nick focuses on the upgrade’s Expert modes and discusses how they can transform your advanced machine’s flight. Modelers of all skill levels have applauded the V1.3x software, praising its “plug and play” simplicity and rock-solid performance even when using the factory default settings. If you haven’t updated your CGY750 yet, visit now to download it for free…then come back for free advice from Nick!