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RC Radio Network Celebrates 100th Show

The RC Radio Network (RCRN), an internet based radio and television station owned by, become an instant success when it was launched in April of 2009. RCRN is a live 24 hour-a-day interactive broadcast for anyone with a passion for remote control hobbies. The owners wanted to give back to the RC community by providing updates and technical reviews of RC related products. Some of the segments of the live Air Show television program include new product releases, technical product reviews, monthly giveaways, special guests, RC event coverage and much more. The Air Show program is unique because it is a live interactive brodacast that gives the listeners the ability to participate via chats, phone calls, and multimedia visuals. Cliff Whitney, owner of RCRN, stated, “While there have been occasional pod casts for the RC participant no one is doing 24/7 fully licensed music as well as RC based educational programming 24 hours a day. Internet radio has opened up the world to great programming opportunities. Music makes us feel good and while the music is an important part of our programming it is only the start.”
During the live Air Show program, which broadcasts on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday on every month, listeners will learn about the latest products and services through detailed discussions, product reviews and in depth examples from informative guests from all areas of the industry.

The live show that aired on March 5th, 2013, included special guests Rich Hanson, and Dave Mathewson. Rich Hanson is the head of the AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs, and Dave Mathewson is AMA’s executive director. The pair discussed the current state of the union with the FAA and other government agencies as it relates to the RC industry.
RCRN celebrated it’s 100th live show on April 2, 2013. The event director for the Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF), Matt Klos, joined the show to discuss all of the details for the largest electric flight festival that will be held in Americus, GA on April 22nd-28th. All previous Air Show programs are available on the companies website or via iTunes.