Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Video – Carl Goldberg Super Chipmunk EP ARF

If you remember the original Super Chipmunk fondly, you’ll love this update. The aerobatic handling is as superb and responsive as ever. This version, however, includes a brushless motor and ESC, providing more power than ever for sport/scale aerobatics. The design accommodates individual aileron servos for precision control and aileron-flap mixing potential. There’s also a steerable tailwheel for easy ground handling. The Super Chipmunk assembles easily, too. Open the box and you’ll find light, strong, all-wood sections covered in MonoKote® film and decked out in a licensed Super Chipmunk trim scheme. A painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants — and a low parts count overall — help you get the Super Chipmunk off the bench and into the air fast!