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National and World Champion Pilot Quique Somenzini Joins Futaba

The latest pilot to join the Futaba family is also one of R/C’s most impressive and popular fliers. Quique Somenzini, winner of multiple National and World Championships, won his first F3A National Championship in Argentina at ten years of age. At the age of twelve, Quique became the youngest pilot to participate in the F3A World Championship – a record which remains unbroken to this day. Winner of four U.S. F3A National Championships, a Free Style World Championship, an F3A World Championship, an XFC Championship and 19 F3A Argentina National Championships. Quique recently co-founded Flex Innovations™, where he has helped to develop some of the most cutting edge RC hobby products in the industry. Though many are familiar with Quique for his  career full of wins in multiple international flight competitions, he has also worked as a design consultant for O.S.® Engine and Futaba. He has also written numerous  columns on a variety of RC related topics for many of the industry’s leading magazines.

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