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KY Model Company Limited CopterX CX450 Black Angel DFC Flybarless Kit

The CopterX CX450 Black Angel is one of the most advanced 450 size 3D helicopter on the market. With it’s innovative design and robust construction, Black Angel is able to offer performance that rivals can only dream of.

+/- 15 extra wide pitch range
Over sized feathering shaft, screws, blade grip bearing, main shaft collar, etc. for maintenance free operation
4mm feathering shaft with trusted bearing for smooth and accurate operation during high load 3D situation
Hardened aluminum washout base and rudder slider for long lasting and light weight construction
240 reinforced swash plate for positive response
One piece CCPM swash plate design for durability
Simple head design for quick output and easy maintance
Fully ball raced capable to handle head speed of over 3500rpm and tail speed for over 13600rpm
Extra wide drive belt for trouble free and quick operation
Direct tail drive system weight saving and quicker response
Extra wide drive belt to ensure non slip and sensitive rudder control
High strength nylon main gear for quite and smooth operation
Precise high wear resistance aluminum alloy pulley set
One piece carbon fiber main frame for strength and durability
Light weight carbon fiber bottom plate, ESC mount, battery mount and anti rotation bracket
High strength aluminum alloy tail boom look
Aluminum alloy rudder servo mount
Light weight one piece composite landing skid
Plastic Canopy mounts to isolate canopy vibration
Light weight high strength glass fiber per painted canopy

Length: 653mm
Height: 240mm
Main Rotor: 714mm
Tail Rotor: 157mm
Motor Gear: 12T/13T
Main Gear: 150T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 43T
Tail Drive Gear: 10T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:12.5:4.3(12T) / 1:11.54:4.3(13T)
Weight(without electric parts): 370g
Weight(including electric parts): 760~800g