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Evolution Engines 91NX Single Cylinder Glow Engine

The Evolution® .91NX single-cylinder, 2-stroke glow engine is revolutionary for modelers who demand the most of their engines. This engine provides the performance of a .91-size engine in the case size of a .61-class engine, allowing you to put more power into smaller aircraft. The awesome power of the .91NX engines makes it possible to add a higher level of performance versatility to your .61-, .75- or .91-size airplanes, so that your 3D maneuvers have more punch and warbird strafing runs can reach speeds faster than you imagined possible. Evolution glow engines are engineered for hands-on modelers who believe there’s no replacement for displacement. Their awesome power-to-weight ratios and smooth operation make any flying experience, be it 3D, sport or scale, the best it can be. And they all benefit from ball bearing-supported crankshafts and the proven durability of ABC cylinder construction (aluminum cylinder with brass, chrome-plated liner).

Key Features:
– Smaller size and lighter weight than typical .91 displacement engines to deliver a higher power-to-weight
– Fits the same mounting pattern as the .61NX engine
– Smooth operation that’s easy to tune
– Dual ball-bearing support and ABC construction for performance and longer engine life