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Icare Aspire Electro Electric F5J or ALES Sailplane

ICARE is pleased to release this new electric glider, a contender for the new ALES (Altitude-Limited Electric Soaring) competition.
The Aspire Electro is based on the popular Aspire TD/F3J glider. It is a pure F5J or ALES (Altitude Limited Electric Soaring) glider. The novelties in this design are the use of a property AH141 airfoil by Andreas Herring, a large wingspan, and a very low weight for its size. Fully molded state of the art construction. Hollow wing constructions, optionally with carbon spread tow lay-up for low weight and high strength.

Wing Span:3.70 m (146″)
Wing Area:n. a.
Wing Airfoil:AH141_3/AH141_4
Flying Weight:1.9-2.3 kg (67oz ST version, 83 oz std)
Wing loading:n. a.
Radio:Micro servos in the wings. Micro or mini equipment in the fuselage.
Power setup:3S LiPo: Mega 22/3S, 4S setup: Mega 22/1kW

Aspire-E, ALES – F5J, cross tail, spread-tow carbon, price:  1969.00U$

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