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Evolution 20cc (1.20 cu. in.) Gas RC Engine

Since the release of the Evolution® 10GX small-block engine, countless modelers have discovered the benefits of gas power in .40-size airplanes. It’s so easy to run that even beginners with no engine experience are getting into the thrill engine-powered models offer. But what about the pilots who enjoy even larger airplanes in the .91- to 1.20-size range?

Now Evolution brings small-block gas fuel economy and ease of use further into your sport flying experience with the new Evolution 20GX engine. It’s been designed with a standard beam mount and case dimensions so that it will fit anywhere you might use a .91- to 1.20-size glow engine. It’s also remarkably lightweight, even with the ignition system and battery. But what sets the 20GX apart from its nitro-fueled counterparts is its phenomenal fuel efficiency. On average, you will burn 30% of the fuel you would with a comparably sized glow engine and lower your cost per flight by 90%.

Key Features:
> Lightweight construction based on the Evolution 91NX glow engine
> Designed from the ground up specifically for RC use
> Gasoline fuel delivers low operational cost and simplicity
> Great power and performance for demanding RC pilots
> Lightweight electronic ignition provides easy starts and superior reliability
> 2S Li-Po battery compatible ignition without a regulator provides long run times
> Standard beam mount installation makes conversion effortless
> Low oil content fuel requirement makes operation cleaner
> Better fuel economy means a smaller fuel tank requirement and weight savings

The coolest RC engine development in 25 years, the new line of Evolution small-block gas engines usher in a new category of RC enjoyment. Like all Evolution engines, they are designed with the RC pilot in mind who wants performance without sacrificing reliability. Evolution not only answered the call, but satisfies in a way even classic modelers never knew possible, at an incredible level of economy anyone can appreciate.

All Evolution brand gas engines are designed from the start to provide excellent performance at a fraction of your previous operating costs. Evolution Engines has painstakingly designed and tested each engine to insure a hassle free experience without giving away anything in desired performance or durability.

Evolution® Engines 20GX Specifications:
Displacement: 20cc (1.20 cu. in.)
Bore: 1.20 in. (30.5mm)
Stroke: 1.10 in. (27.9mm)
Fuel: Gas/Oil, 20:1 content ratio
Cylinder Type: Ringed/Steel Liner
Weight with Muffler and Ignition: 33.6 oz. (958 g)
Crankshaft Thread: 5/16-24
RPM Range: 1,800–10,000
Propeller Range: 15×6–17 x 8
Muffler Type: Aluminum, inverted wraparound in-cowl muffler

20cc (1.20 cu. in.) gas RC engine Price: $279.99