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JR Vibe SG E12 Hiroki Ito Edition

The Next Flagship 3D Helicopter

The JR® Vibe™ SG E12 has been the flagship 3D machine in the JR Helicopter lineup. Designed around a reputation for quality and built for the pilot who wants the ultimate in extreme 3D flight, JR revisited the drawing board. Not only would this new machine reflect the needs of the advanced electric power focused pilot, it will incorporate innovation in efficiency and strength. To assure that goal, World F3C Champion Hiroki Ito brought to the new E12 project significant improvements that redefine expectations about what the top-tier requirement is for a hard-core 3D helicopter.

Some of the improvements in the new JR Vibe SG E12 Hiroki Ito Edition (SPO) include a simpler frame design that’s not only lighter, but also stronger. An all-new main gear that’s machined from a high-strength polymer material is 6mm thicker with helical teeth for superior strength and quieter operation. Built-in alignment pin locations make it simple to set up the helicopter perfectly without any guess work or tedious measuring.

Key Vibe SG E12 Hiroki Ito Edition Features
• Main gear thickness has been increased to take full advantage of modern electric power
• Stronger frame that’s lighter weight with minimized parts count
• Shorter mechanics deliver quicker control response
• Smaller head block with rigid dampening
• Metal tail blade grips for greater precision
• Carbon-tube pushrod delivers greater tail rotor authority
• Custom Hiroki Ito factory trim scheme and high-gloss finish
• Bottom mounted battery location, which allows quick and easy battery changes
• Available with or without the acclaimed JR TAGS-01 flybarless control system

If you have the JR Sub-Trim Free (STF) adjustable metal horns for your servos (available in sizes to fit most servo manufacturers) then assembly is simplified even more. The all-new flybarless head block is significantly more compact and uses a rigid collar instead of the traditional rubber damper to deliver instantaneous response to your input. In addition, the head is designed to be 19mm lower than the previous E12 to improve balance and load handling at higher head speeds. A carbon tube is used for the tail rotor control pushrod to achieve unmatched tail rotor response. To increase yaw stability even further, metal tail blade grips are now a standard feature. All metal parts on a JR helicopter are diamond cut for a look that’s sharp as well as that signature JR perfect fit.

But what’s even more amazing is the price. JR innovation and quality has never been so affordable in a helicopter designed for the most aggressive 3D flying imaginable.

Vibe SG E12 Hiroki Ito Edition Helicopter Specifications
Completion Level: Kit
Type: 700-class electric collective-pitch flybarless helicopter
Length: 53.5 in (1359mm)
Width: 7.17 in (182mm)
Height: 16.0 in (406mm)
Main rotor diameter: 62.2 in (1580mm) with 710mm blades
Tail rotor diameter: 11.3 in (288mm)
Main blades: 680–720mm
Pinion size: 9-tooth
Tail blades: 105mm
Weight: 7.72 lb (3.5 kg), not including main rotor blades and battery
Gear ratio: 10.3:1:4.65
Motor: 520Kv
Battery: 12S 5000mAh Li-Po
ESC: 100A minimum
Tail Drive: Torque tube
Swashplate: 120 degree
Canopy: Factory finished fiberglass

Vibe SG E12 Ito Edition (SPO) $999.99