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E-flite Sukhoi 29mm Flight Review and Video

Pilot Josh Bernstein says: For beginning to intermediate pilots, the SU29mm 1.1 provides a wide flight envelope encompassing excellent sport and traditional aerobatic mannerisms. The plane is capable of many of the more popular 3D maneuvers, though it would be a stretch to call it a “3D trainer.” Like many 3D aerobatic planes of its size, low-n-slow post-stall (hovers, harriers) should probably be left to pilots towards the advanced end of the spectrum, as some wing-rock was noticeable. However, the AS3X system (now fully customizable!) does go a long way in keeping stability in check. The stock servos are surprisingly strong and quick, allowing for snappy transitions and some fairly aggressive tumbles. Power is plentiful from the 10-sized brushless, with a nice balance between pitch-speed and gravity scoffing punch-outs. Some coupling was present during knife-edge, though nothing a quick mix couldn’t fix. All in all, a nice flying bird, with plenty of power and a wide flight envelope. A park-flyer sized aerobat with attitude!


  • Wingspan: 44.0 (1120 mm)
  • Length: 42.3 (1074mm)
  • Flying Weight: 40.6 oz (1150 g)
  • Wing Loading: 14.5 oz/sq. ft.
  • Motor: 10 size BL outrunner 1250 Kv
  • Speed Controller: 40-Amp Switch-Mode BEC with EC3 connector
  • Servos: 13 gram digital micro (4)