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“Blind” Transmitter Knob


I like to use flaperons or spoilers on my models but don’t like to look away while flying to see if I have the correct knob or to check its position. My transmitter has a dial for channel six, and it is very …

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Easy Alignment For Mounting Fins


I often read about using triangles or squares to align the fin while gluing it in place. What I’ve never seen is how to get around the contours of the fuselage or prevent glue from squeezing out. I glued pieces of …

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No More Glue Drips


Whenever you are using epoxy for assembling large sections of a model, like joining the horizontal tail to the fuselage, put some low tack masking tape on each side of the joint. Wipe up the epoxy that squeezes out with denatured alcohol. If …

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Lightweight Switches


I have used dress snaps as lightweight switches for many years. By soldering a wire to the rim of each half, you only have to press the two parts together to get a problem-free connection. You can attach one side to the …

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Stop That Roll

Wing Tips: Stop That Roll

The classic technique to keep your modeling knife from rolling off your bench is to use the triangular “pen grips” available at most office supply stores. Unfortunately, that won’t help you late at night when you have a …

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Cleaner Servo Cutouts


When cutting out the sections of covering for the fitment of your servos, instead of cutting a rectangle shape to match the servo, cut a simple X instead and then slide the servo into the servo bay. As you push the servo into the fuselage or wing, the fabric goes with it and gets pushed neatly inside with the back of the servo, leaving no nasty fabric edges where you have cut the rectangle area out.

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EZ Transmitter Case


Most new RC transmitters are delivered in a cardboard box with a form-fitting foam insert. I throw away the box and make an easy transmitter case using the insert. Just fasten plastic packing or duct tape all the …

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Save That Paint


Need to mix up that perfect batch of paint, thinned just so for your brush or next air brush job? Or perhaps now that the model is finished you want to store any leftover for future touch ups …

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Balancing Foamies


Recently I had to balance a foamie glider. Taping lead or coins to the plane always looks a bit crude. This time I balanced the plane using the tape method, but then took it a little farther. When …

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Broken Prop Velcro Knife


A blade from a broken prop is an excellent removal tool when using hook and loop material to hold batteries to your airplane. It is usually difficult to remove the component without damage to the mounting or surrounding …

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Exhaust Deflector


The nylon tie wraps provided to hold a plastic exhaust deflector to the muffler frequently fail to work, with loss of the deflector during engine run. I fix the deflector in place with small screws. Position the deflector …

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Free Small Fan For A Variety Of RC Uses


Recently I salvaged an internal PC fan from a computer destined for the scrap heap. I now power it using a 3S 11.1v Lipo battery. I use Deans connectors on my batteries and so I soldered one to …

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Removing Film


Like many modelers I have found that removing covering film can be challenging. Even when using heat, the color and adhesive layers often separate from the film, leaving fragments that have been difficult to remove. Ordinary packing tape …

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