Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Air Hogs Battle Tracker

The Air Hogs Battle Tracker brings true physical battle play right into your home! With 3+ ways to play, you can engage in an interactive battle between the all new disc firing heli and the missile firing Automated Robot Turret (A.R.T.). Choose autonomous control to have the turret track and attack the helicopter automatically or take manual control of the turret and launch the 12 missiles via remote control! Fly the heli into position and shoot up to 7 rapid-fire discs to deactivate the turret and claim victory! The remote holds additional ammo for quick reloads and storage.

The future of battle is here with the Air Hogs Battle Tracker!

Package Includes:

1 Battle Tracker Automated Robot Turret (A.R.T.) with Auto and Manual Controls
12 Foam Darts
1 Disc Firing Heli
7 Discs
1 Remote for disc firing heli