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New Products From Dubro for Fall of 2012

Dubro continues to add new products to their already amazingly extensive selection of quality hardware and accessories for the RC model hobby industry. New for the autumn of 2012 are the following products:

Heavy Duty Clevis Horn System
A complete mounting system for large aircraft that can be configured as a pull-pull or as two single control horns. Self-adjusting design will mount at 90º to center line of the control surface. This system includes premium socket head bolts which provide a non-slip head while installing horns. The clevis horns include 4-40 heavy duty swivel ball links for “no-slop” precision control. Available in a 8-32 size, for medium to large aircraft, and a larger 10-32 size for large aircraft.

Heavy Duty Dual Control Horn
This new control horn design is made from high strength nylon and is perfect for large aircraft. The dual arm feature allows for even, in-line movement of the control rod. Includes a support plate with mounting bolts and a heavy duty swivel ball link for 4-40 control rod. Height from the base to the pivot center is 1”.

Long Dual Servo Arms
A new servo arm design for large aircraft. This dual arm allows for straight and in-line movement of the control surface. Made of long fiber composites, this arm is super strong and will provide the maximum security. The Long Dual Servo Arms include heavy duty ball links for 4-40 pushrods and assembly hardware. The arms have 3 mounting holes for increased or decreased servo throw. Dimension from center to the end mounting hole is 1.343” (34.13mm). Available for all popular brands of servos.

Micro Z-Bend Wire Fittings
Pre-Shaped “Z” bend fittings with heat shrink tubing to securely attach to .031” (0.8mm) and .047” (1.20mm) wire, plastic and carbon pushrods. Small “Z” bends to accommodate thin servo arms. Ideal for small glo-fuel and electric aircraft.

Watch for these items, as well as other new products from Dubro, to become available from now until the end of 2012