NEW RELEASE: 3D Hobbyshop Yak 55 60″

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.56.08 PM

Check out the latest from 3D HobbyShop with their 60″ Yak 55m. The 3DHobbyShop 60″ Yak 55 is super-high performance scale wood/carbon ARF aircraft.  Using the recommended Torque 6S power system, the Yak 55 is very fast and powerful, and capable of a staggering array of hardcore 3D, precision, and gyroscopic maneuvers.  Available in two gorgeous color schemes in genuine ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: FPV Vapor by E-Flite

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If you have ever wanted to try FPV inside your own home now you can with this ready to go package from E-Flite!  The ever popular Vapor now has an option for a FPV camera backpack that’s ready to give you a first person view! Poised at the optimal point on the aircraft, a tiny video camera sends full-color, real-time ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Great Planes Extra 300sp EP

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Overview: A favorite at airshows and competitions around the world, the Extra is a contemporary aerobatic airplane with graceful lines and the ability to execute a wide envelope of thrilling maneuvers. Great Planes has replicated the 300SP in both looks and performance, and final assembly is easy and straightforward. The model’s colorful appearance is truly eye-catching, and its aerobatic potential ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Great Planes Sequence 1.20


The Sequence 1.20 excels in crisp, smooth handling and arrow-straight tracking — precision maneuvers found on top-level competition planes. With its slightly smaller dimensions and use of less expensive power systems, the Sequence 1.20 is ideal for intermediate-level events. Wingspan: 71.5 in (1815 mm) Wing Area: 836 in2 (53.9 dm2) Weight: 9.75-10.75 lb (4420-4870 g Wing Loading: 27-30 oz/ft2 (82-92 ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Spektrum DX9 Black Edition Transmitter

DX9 Black Edition System w AR9020 Receiver (SPM9900) Spektrum - The Leader in _2014-08-22_08-26-24

With all of the same features of the original DX9, this special edition features a stunning black finish, Black Edition case and neck strap. Serious pilots will be irresistibly drawn to the complimentary features included with this special edition radio system! A Spektrum AR9020 2.4GHz  nine channel receiver is also included in the package. A cornerstone feature of this technologically ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: E-Flite Slick 3D 480 ARF


Aspiring 3D artistes and pilots already proficient in the science of three dimensional aircraft aerobatics will both be excited to see the soon to be released  E-Flite Slick 3D 480 ARF. Transparent UltraCote Lite covering reveals the conventional laser-accurate balsa construction methods used in the design of this aerobatic adventurer. Designed to utilize a 480 sized brushless power system and ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Become a Heli-Max Cinematographer and WIN!

HeliVision PR

Are you an aspiring videomaker who loves to use the footage that you shoot with your aerial media quadcopter platform? Between August 15 and September 15, 2014,  Heli-Max is sponsoring a contest. The first 25 submissions that meet the giveaway guidelines get a free Heli-Max T-shirt; all qualified entries will be eligible to win the grand prize: a Heli-Max 230Si ... Read More »

PRODUCT REVIEW: Graupner Polaron AC/DC 240W Charger

OPEN HOBBY g sj polaron 1

There are tons of chargers on the market and they all pretty much accomplish the same task: to charge your batteries. The Graupner Polaron AC/DC charger is definitely not your typical charger, It solves a few problems with perhaps the biggest one being space. Most chargers are wider and certainly take up some valuable bench space, whether at the field, race track or in your workshop. The design of the ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Blade 350 QX2 with SAFE Technology RTF and BNF


Featuring  optimized 2.0 firmware, the new 350 QX2 is an upgraded version of the  already popular, premiere Blade aerial platform. Upgrades include improved GPS and compass systems, a stronger and more reliable RF link and the flight duration improving option of being able to use a larger 3000mAh battery (up to 30% longer flight time than the original 250QX). The ... Read More »