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Warbirds over the Rockies


Brian O’Meara has a passion that is helping to keep this great hobby of ours alive and well. Not a new face in the hobby, you will find him and his models gracing model magazines dating back to before many of our readers were even born!

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YF2Y-1 Convair SeaDart

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The Convair SeaDart was the world’s first turbojet- powered supersonic, water based fighter/interceptor. The aircraft was designed by Corvair in the early 1950s in response to a United States Navy contest for a supersonic interceptor aircraft . Supersonic designs of …

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Thermals 101

An E-flite Mystique electric power launched sailplane shows her topside on power. Electric motor launch is an easy and safe way to fly sailplanes without the need for a heavy winch and setup time. They still fly in thermals quite well.

The one constant question that is asked about sailplane flying is how do you know when you have found a thermal or lift? I’m going to explain that process for you, but first, what is a thermal?

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Conceal Control Horns And Pushrods

Conceal Control Horns An Pushrods-1

In the world of RC scale model airplane building, one of the trickiest problems is how to “hide” external pushrods and control horns inside wing surfaces. With tail control surfaces these devices can normally be concealed within the fuselage. But on wings, which are often very thin, the problem is far more difficult.

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Whats Old Is New

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In a hobby where there is a dizzying array of products hitting the shelves on a daily basis, there are still models that sell themselves, based solely on word of mouth or tall tales at the local club.

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Web Exclusive: South East Regional Aerotow 2016!


South East Regional Aero-tow Growing the sport of aero-towing one pilot at a time! WORDS AND PHOTOS BY ANDREW GRIFFITH A little local history Going north on I-75 in Georgia, just south of the home of the Perry Swap Meet …

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Strip LED NAV Lites


Now you can have LED strip lights on any model without the hassle of assembly. These durable and long lasting systems are ready to use with red, white and green strips for high visibility day or night. Never lose orientation! Fast installation. Just “stick ‘em on” and attach to your LiPo charge connector.

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Master Airscrew released New Series of Factory Pre-Balanced Propellers


Master Airscrew (MAS) revamps its R/C aircraft propellers lineup, which now includes Factory (Pre-) Balanced Propellers for model aircraft with exceptionally tight blade weight tolerances - 0.01g (0.00035oz) or better.

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New Release – E-Flite Timber BNF Basic with Floats


Fly from just about anywhere with the new Timber BNF from E-Flite. There’s no need for a dedicated runway with this plane. Tall grass, gravel, snow or even a lake can be your spot for short take off’s and landings. …

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New Releases from FlightLineRC: 1200mm Lavochkin LA-7 and Spitfire Mk.IX


MotionRC’s exclusive partnership with Freewing to bring the new FlightLineRC branding of models to market has resulted in the availability of several new 1200mm class, EPO composition warbirds. FlightLineRC’s mission statement promised a focus on both rarely modeled aircraft and …

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Sneak Peek – Legacy Aviation Mini Duster from Extreme Flight RC

Mini Duster

Last year Extreme Flight announced they were branching out into a family of brands to cover a wider spectrum of RC Aircraft. One of the new lines is called Legacy Aviation and it focuses on more civilian scale aircraft. While …

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Horizon Announces the E-Flite UMX B-25


The E-flite® UMX™ B-25 Mitchell is an ultra micro tribute to their heroic spirit in a model that can be flown just about anywhere. Its realistic outline boasts the muscular appearance of twin radial engines that turn three-blade propellers while …

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Surprise B2 Flyover in Pasadena


Why, why, why does this never happen to us at Fly RC!!!???

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Video: Twisted Hobbys Veloxity EPP


As a part of the full review contained in the May 2016 issue of FlyRC Magazine, our 3D and extreme aerobatic loving contributor Josh Bernstein flies the twisted Hobbys RCFactory Veloxity EPP. If you have yet to read the full …

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Flying An RC Corsair From The USS Saratoga!


How cool would this be!? Being able to fly one of your models from a real aircraft carrier has got to be one of the coolest RC stories ever, especially given that it was the last "sortie" flown from the decommissioned Saratoga.

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