BONUS CONTENT: VIDEO: Durafly Bravado Teaser


New contributor Joshua Bernstein has been busy exploring the in-flight capabilities of the new Durafly Bravado. While Josh was using his golden thumbs to have his way with this model, we were busy trying to keep him in our viewfinder. Take a peek at what this aerobatic/3D offering from Durafly is capable of and stay tuned for the full review ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Durafly Bravado Precision 3D Aerobatic Sports Plane 1000mm (PNF)


Pilots who like flying 3D in their local park or schoolyard will want to have a look at the latest offering from the Durafly gang. The Bravado 3D is a 1000mm EPO composition and the first model from Durafly to feature their Aircore technology foam.  Aircore is both lightweight and strong and is described as being capable of enduring the ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Twisted Hobbies RCF 29″ EPP F-22 Raptor Jet


EPP foam is a great medium for profile models. It is flexible, durable and easily repairable. Though Twisted Hobbies sells an amazing variety of exciting foam composition aerobatic and sport models, the RC Factory F-22 Raptor stands alone as the only pusher prop powered jet listed on their site. With a mid-mounted motor/propeller, the Raptor boasts a wide speed range ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flyzone Extra 300SX Brushless Rx-R


Pilots who enjoy performing aerobatics are going to want to take a close look at the next model soon to be released from the Flyzone hangar. With a span of 41.5 inches, the snappy looking red, white and black Flyzone Extra 300SX features a durable Aerocell foam airframe and a factory installed brushless power system. Double beveled control surfaces help ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Video: Aerobeez 55″ Edge 540 EPP Full Fuselage Foamy


The review of this extremely aerobatic and 3D maneuver capable monster full fuselage EPP foamy is featured in the November 2015 issue of FlyRC Magazine. Ride along as our pal Josh takes the sticks and has his way with it!   Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hitec X2 AC Pro 2 Port AC/DC Multi-Charger

HITEC X2 AC Pro 2 Port ACDC Multi-Charger

This latest member of the X2 AC Plus family of chargers from Hitec includes the same features that have made its predecessors popular with pilots the world over but adds the convenience of a built-in heavy duty 60 watt soldering iron. With the ability to power the X2 AC Pro from either an AC or DC power supply, modelers will ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Tower Hobbies Kaos 60 GP/EP ARF


A familiar flyer to many veteran pilots returns to thrill yet another generation of pilots! Tower Hobbies is releasing an ARF version of the popular Chaos 60 sport plane. Designed to capably ease less experienced pilots into aerobatics, the Chaos excels at both slow and steady flight and fast paced aerobatic antics. A factory covered balsa and plywood airframe can ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Turnigy Propeller Modification Tool

Turnigy Propeller Modification Tool - c

Pilots at times need to modify the diameter of a prop. This can be due to a need to create a prop that cannot be purchased in the desired size or because the tips of the prop have been damaged. The Turnigy Prop Mod Tool, machined out of aluminum, makes it easy to perform needed prop modifications using a Dremel ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Durafly Curtiss P-40N Warhawk 1100mm PNF


Like many warbird loving pilots, we just cannot say no to a good P-40 Warhawk. With the latest release in their 1100mm span series of classic models, Durafly is aiming high. This rendition of the Curtiss P-40N Warhawk features an ultra-fine, amazingly smooth EPO foam finish that has to be seen to be believed. But the beauty of this warbird ... Read More »