INDUSTRY NEWS: New Transmitters Coming Soon from Fr SKY

FrSky Horus_p

Over the last year or two, the FrSky Taranis 2.4GHz sixteen channel transmitter has become very popular with pilots due to its open source programming, telemetry features and nice price. Aloft Hobbies shared a bit of news in connection with a couple of new FrSky transmitters that will soon be available. Veteran pilots can remember the times when single stick ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flyzone Inum Micro Indoor Flyer

Flyzone® INUM Micro_00

The winter months mean less opportunities to fly for many folks. Pilots who want to keep their thumbs free of cobwebs may want to take a look at this micro sized indoor flyer from Flyzone. The Inum is easy enough for novices to fly, and yet entertaining for more advanced pilots too. This Ready to Fly package is all-inclusive. The ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hangar 9 F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF


The F4U Corsair with it’s bent gull shaped wing has an unmistakeable outline.  Developed for the US Navy in the early part of world war two it had a rocky start as a carrier based plane but excelled when flown from ground bases by the US Marines.  The Corsair helped turn the tide against Japan by besting the Zero in ... Read More »


All About Servos

The propeller produces thrust and pulls the model airplane through the air, but what makes a model turn to the right or left, or rotate its nose up for a climb or down for a dive? The control surfaces—the ailerons deflect to make the airplane roll, the rudder moves to cause the aircraft to turn (yaw) to the right or ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Great Planes P-51 Sport Fighter ARF


The P-51 Mustang is one of the most recognized fighters from World War Two.  Just about everyone into aviation has dreamed about taking the controls of a P-51 and cruising the countryside in mock dogfights using the power and speed of the design that was ahead of it’s time. Great Planes has released a new p-51 Mustang model that lets ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flitework Red Bull PT-17 Stearman Bipe Receiver Ready


Hobbico recently picked up the Flitework product line, an exciting variety of models that are based on the Red Bull sponsored aircraft of the Flying Bulls hangar in Europe. We recently received the PT-17 Stearman Biplane in for review and spent a casual evening assembling this foam composition, Receiver Ready airframe. All that are required to finish this kit are ... Read More »

Video: Great Planes Extra 300SP ARF

Fly RC magazine  Facebook - Mozilla Firefox_2014-12-03_19-46-43

A favorite at airshows and competitions around the world, the Extra is a contemporary aerobatic airplane with graceful lines and the ability to execute a wide envelope of thrilling maneuvers. Great Planes has replicated the Extra 300SP in both looks and performance, and final assembly is easy and straightforward. The model’s colorful appearance is truly eye-catching, and its aerobatic potential ... Read More »

HOW TO: Detailing a FTE Scale Radial Engine Casting

How To: Detailing a FTE Scale Radial Engine Casting

A while back I wrote a two-part article in Fly RC magazine explaining how I scaled out the big 1/6-scale WACO SRE ARF from SIG. That article was essentially about getting rid of the plastic covering, getting the servos inside where they belong on any self-respecting scale job, and messing with the overall appearance by adding things like scale tail surface cross sections, fuselage stringers, door outlines and the like. Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flyzone Select Scale A6M2 Zero RTF and Tx-R

FlyZone SS Zero matte

Flyzone has announced the eminent release of the latest in their Select Sale series of aircraft, the Japanese A6M2 Zero. Feared by Allied pilots for its unmatched maneuverability, long range and speed, the Zero was the epitome of a superior fighter plane. The 45 inch wingspan Flyzone version of the famed Zero is available in both Ready-to-Fly (RTF) and Transmitter ... Read More »