NEW RELEASE: Esprit Central Box 400


The Central Box 400 is fully programmable switchboard with two (2) independent, stabilized power voltage regulators (30A Continues/230A Peak) designed for complete power and signal management of servos with great emphasis on safety. Read More »

PRODUCT REVIEW: Great Planes Curtiss P-6E Hawk EP


Great Planes has made it possible for pilots who fancy vintage aircraft from the 30’s to get their hands on their own model of the Curtiss Hawk, in the form of their newly released, electric powered Curtis P-6E Hawk ARF. This ARF comes pre-covered in the same striking Snow Owl color scheme, using six different colors of MonoKote to properly create the squadron’s colors. Read More »

HOW TO: Custom LED Install

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I have to admit that I’m not the first to light up a foam airframe, but it’s hard to say (for me anyway) that I didn’t have the most fun doing it! It all goes back to Joe Nall Week about five years ago. A group of us had a bunch of Sea Winds and we took over the float pond. In the evening, a couple of the guys acquired “new” LED lighting strips (that were just introduced to the market at that time) and stuck them on their Sea Winds so they could tear up the 3D float pond that evening. As cool as it was, the drawback was that all you could see were the lit individual LEDs themselves. It wasn’t until the next year when we bought a bunch of Multiplex Fun Cubs on floats that we really got it figured out. Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Phoenix Model 1/7 Scale Gripen 90mm EDF Jet ARF

Phoenix Model® 17 Gripen EDF Jet ARF Pass1

Phoenix Model is ever expanding their selection of 90mm EDF powered jets. One of the latest additions to the hangar is the JAS39 Gripen, a multi-role fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab. This delta winged fighter is powered by a Volvo RM12 turbofan that is capable of producing over 18,000 pounds of thrust in afterburner and can ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: National and World Champion Pilot Quique Somenzini Joins Futaba

Quique Joins Futaba

The latest pilot to join the Futaba family is also one of R/C’s most impressive and popular fliers. Quique Somenzini, winner of multiple National and World Championships, won his first F3A National Championship in Argentina at ten years of age. At the age of twelve, Quique became the youngest pilot to participate in the F3A World Championship – a record ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: HobbyKing Super-G Autogyro EPO 1080mm PNF


With in-flight performance positioned squarely between that of a helicopter and an airplane, the HobbyKing Super-G Autogyro will appeal to both fixed and rotary winged pilots alike. A carbon reinforced, EPO foam construction fuselage and tail boom make the Super-G super tough and durable. The pre-installed auto-start system makes for faster takeoffs. Three strong, impact resistant blades make up the ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hitec X2 AC Plus 2 Port AC/DC Multi-Charger


Hitec’s new X2 AC Plus charger offers expanded capacity and compatibility in a portable and compact package. Dual inputs create a flexible battery charging solution that can be used at home and in the field. An innovative power distribution mode lets users efficiently assign output power based on individual battery requirements. Capable of charging all battery chemistries, the X2 AC ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Tower Hobbies Laser 200 Flatty ARF


Try your hand at 3D maneuvers without breaking the bank with the new Tower Hobbies Laser 200 Flatty ARF. This economically priced foam model can be assembled in about three hours. A pilot can start out with reduced control throws for easier flight and then crank them up as their skills progress. The bright blue and yellow color scheme closely ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flitework Shiny Receiver Ready

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Light the night brightly with the new Flitework Shiny! This conventional balsa and ply construction airframe uses an array of internally installed indirect LED lighting to make the airframe glow in an almost fluorescent fashion that is EXTREMELY visible both day and night! Receiver Ready means that the model includes pre-installed servos and a powerful brushless power system. Simply add ... Read More »