New Deluxe Materials Products for 2016


Plastic Magic Plastic model kits are typically composed of intricate parts and various materials and often require joining in tight inaccessible places, presenting a formidable  challenge even to the experienced modeller. Deluxe Materials’ Plastic Magic is now available in a beautiful, new, sturdy, anti-spill bottle with …

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AMA In DC Fighting For Modeler’s Rights


Bob Brown and the gang at the AMA have been on Capitol Hill the past few days, educating legislators and gaining allies in our fight to keep restrictions on RC pilots as painless as possible. This is good news indeed. AMA

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VIDEO: Twisted Hobby’s 43″ EPP Veloxity


From the Twisted mind of Cody Wojcik comes the Veloxity!  Loosely based on the full-scale Velox Revolution 1, the Veloxity delivers an experience never before available in a foam plane.  As one of the stiffest foam airframes around, precision tracking, a fast roll rate, wild tumbles, …

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MotionRC Announces New Series of FlightLineRC Models

FlightLineRC P-38L Lightning Pacific Silver 1600mm

According to a Press Release from MotionRC, the birth of an entirely new brand of foam composition, electric powered models will make 2016 a very exciting year for warbird lovers: Motion RC is proud to announce FlightLineRC, a new brand of warbirds developed in partnership with …

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Video: Durafly Tundra


Currently under review here at FlyRC, the Durafly Tundra is an EPO foam composition Plug and Fly model that excels at STOL operations. Durafly even includes a set of matching floats in the box, allowing pilots to take the party to the water at will. Optional …

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ScrewGrab … For All Those Rusted, Stripped Or Otherwise Damaged Heads


Ever wanted to quit the hobby entirely due to a stripped screw that’s keeping your model grounded because you can’t get at it with the dremel or an easy-out? Align-Rite has got you covered with their ScrewGrab Friction Gel. “ScrewGrab is a friction gel that helps …

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Hitec To Release The X2 700 Charger Boasting 30 Amp Charge Rates!


Hitec’s powerful X2-700 Multicharger is the sophisticated charging choice for all your high amperage batteries. This DC powerhouse features two 700-watt output ports for increased capacity and supports all battery chemistries, including the latest LiHV cells. The microprocessor control and an internal resistance meter make this …

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Video: Twisted Hobbys RC Factory Big Turbo Crack Beaver


The March 2016 issue of FlyRC magazine features a review of the larger followup version to the Twisted Hobbys Turbo Crack Beaver. Who says a high wing model can’t 3D with the best of them. Our own Josh Bernstein sets the Big Beaver free in the …

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ICARE Introduces An All New ALES Ship, The Magellan 3.4!


The Magellan 3.4 ALES has been developed for the electric thermal duration category, like ALES (Altitude limited electric soaring) or F5J. It is now our largest version of the popular series of Magellan electric gliders. It has taken almost a year of development to achieve a very competitive airframe, which is very light, has great handling, excellent wind penetration and yet still at an affordable price.

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Great Planes Avistar 30cc GP/EP Sport Trainer ARF  Great Planes Avistar GPEP Sport Trainer ARF 90

With a wing span of 90 inches (2300mm), the Great Planes Avistar 30cc GP/EP Sport Trainer ARF is the perfect model for pilots interested in stepping up into a giant sized model. Less experienced pilots will find the model easy to fly. More veteran pilots will …

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Video: Durafly Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a


This exciting 1100mm wingspan foam composition model was reviewed in full in the February 2016 issue of FlyRC magazine. We are still enjoying flying this nicely scaled model and edited down some of the video that we have shot of it over the last few weeks.

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Review: Twisted Hobbys RC Factory EPP F-22 Raptor Pusher Jet


  A pilot on the prowl for new model who spends a moment or two clicking about the Twisted Hobbys web site might easily conclude that Twisted only sells aerobatic and 3D capable models … Edges, Extras, Yaks and the like. While it is true that …

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Video: Flyzone Extra 300 SX Takes to the Skies!


Take a quick ride with us as we send the Flyzone Extra 300SX up for it’s first flights. And watch for the full review, coming soon in FlyRC Magazine!

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