NEW RELEASE: Lights … Camera … Action! Hitec/AEE Announce Their New MD10 and S60 Action Cameras


Whether your hobby interests are rooted in ground pounding surface vehicles or high flying aerial planes, helis and multirotors, Hitec’s partnership with AEE has resulted in a pair of new action cameras. The MD10 and S60 are the perfect way to capture all of your hobby action. First up is the MD10. This camera can record in 1080p30 and also features ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: MaxAmps Celebrates their Tenth Anniversary!

MaxAmps 10th

2015 marks the tenth year that MaxAmps has been in business making lithium polymer batteries for unmanned aerial vehicles, RC surface vehicles and almost every other segment of the RC market. According to Austin Else, owner and founder of MaxAmps, “Within the last few years, we have become the industry leader in the emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market by offering ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Esprit Model Mig Flight Jetec EDF Power Launching Systems for Sailplanes

Esprit Model 321.729

This new series of retractable Electric Ducted Fan power systems is designed to work with 1/4 to 1/2 scale sailplanes and is available from Esprit Model  in three different sizes: 90mm, 120mm and 130mm. These German engineered EDF power systems feature a carbon fiber folding mechanism, powered by servos, that locks in place when extended. The 90mm version can be ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: ProTek R/C 2S-6S 4-Battery Parallel Charger Board


ProTek’s all-new 2S-4S 4-Battery Parallel Charger Board will enable pilots to charge up to four batteries simultaneously, while balancing the individual cells of each pack. The Parallel Charger Board is encased in an impact-resistant custom-molded plastic shell and is compatible with LiPo, Li-Ion and LiFe batteries. The DC input and battery port are protected with replaceable fuses, and each cell ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Video: Overview of the Variety of Tactic 2.4GHz Radios

Tactic Radios & Accessories - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2015-02-20_08-33-24

The Tactic brand is already known for its focus on affordability and value, but even veteran modelers are surprised by the wide selection it offers, as well. Tactic offers a full line of interference-free 2.4GHz radios, which starts with the modern TTX300 3-channel surface system and goes on to include the TTX410 and TTX610 flight radios, as well as the ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: In-Flight Photos of the HobbyKing Avios Sea Fury


Here at FlyRC, we eat, breathe and sleep RC. When the new HobbyKing Avios Sea Fury hit the delivery dock on Saturday, we immediately tore into the box and readied this gorgeous warbird for first flights. With West Coast temperatures at a balmy 72 degrees, we donned a pair of short and grabbed our flip flops and Sea Fury up ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Dromida Ominus 238mm First Person View Ready to Fly Quadcopter


We loved the incredible durability and in-flight performance of the original Ominus quadcopter. Dromida has now expanded the capabilities of this fun-to-fly aircraft by making it FPV capable. A Wi-Fi enabled 1280×720 resolution digital FPV camera allows pilots to see their flight from the on-board perspective and the camera can be controlled completely using either a free iOS or Android ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Diamond Hobby FMS Kawasaki KI-61 Hien High Speed PNP


The third release in the series of high speed foam composition warbirds from FMS is the Kawasaki KI-61 Hien. This Japanese fighter was the only mass-produced Japanese fighter used in World War II to use a liquid-cooled inline V engine. The included 3648-770Kv brushless outrunner, 60 amp speed controller and three bladed prop can propel the Hien to speeds over ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: E-flite Rare Bear with AS3X® Technology BNF Basic

Rare Bear 1

Featuring stunning 2014 racing colors that are officially licensed by Lewis Air Legends of Reno, Nevada, the E-flite Rare Bear is capable of 100 plus MPH right out of the box! Just like the the grossly overpowered, full scale Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat that is the legendary Reno racer named Rare Bear, the E-flite Z-Foam™ construction model is outfitted with an ... Read More »