NEW RELEASE: Golden Skies R/C Aircraft DLA 64cc-I2 In-Line Twin Engine

DLA Press Release 64cc-I2  11-13-14

Golden Skies R/C Aircraft, Inc., the USA Distributor, Sales and Service Center for DLA Engines, announces the new DLA 64cc-I2 In-Line, Twin Cylinder Engine. Designed using the esteemed 32cc components and CNC machined from 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, the DLA 64cc-I2 is destined to be a reliable, power-house superstar. Scale War-bird builders will value the ability to fit the 64-I2 ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Esprit Model Jeti Telemetry Bluetooth Transmitter Module RCDroidBox


Using a combination of software and hardware, the RCDroidBox allows real-time monitoring and recording of telemetry data transferred using JETI Duplex or Duplex EX protocol.  The required hardware is the actual RCDroidBox Bluetooth adapter. The software is an application that can be run on any Android powered device. The user is thus able to watch and monitor the data while ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: 15 New Models for Users of Ikarus AeroflyRC7 Ultimate


Users of Ikarus’ stunning RC flight simulator AeroflyRC7 Ultimate can enjoy fifteen new models for free, just by updating to the latest version of the simulator (update 7.3.1). New models include several much loved Multiplex aircraft, high performance helis, a turbine powered sail plane and several new multirotors. Head over to Ikarus web site HERE for the update!   Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: Completely New Product Line from Thunder Power in 2015


Thunder Power RC has been the world-leader in Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery power and charging solutions for a wide variety of RC, UAV/UAS, and other applications since 2003. New for 2015 are entirely revamped product lines of both air and surface batteries. Pilots will no doubt be attracted to the lower pricing, higher energy density, more stable cell chemistry, and ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Weatronic BAT 60 2.4GHz Transmitter

Hand-held BAT 60  weatronic GmbH

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the BAT 60 transmitter is poised to take transmitter technology to an entirely new level. A large five inch color touch screen allows pilots to access the Linux programmed user interface. A total of 96 functions (channels) can be accessed using the 22 different input devices of the BAT 60. Redundant RF modules allow bidirectional ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Great Planes Giant Pitts M12s GP/EP ARF 68.5″ Great Planes Giant Pitts M12s GPEP ARF 68

Great Planes is off to a Giant start in 2015 with the announcement of their new Giant Scale Pitts M-12s ARF! An airshow regular, since 1996 the Pitts M-12s is an amazing  high energy and high performance airplane. Great Planes’ new Giant scale ARF version features a stunning factory applied trim scheme and can be powered with either a gasoline ... Read More »

INDUSTRY NEWS: New Transmitters Coming Soon from Fr SKY

FrSky Horus_p

Over the last year or two, the FrSky Taranis 2.4GHz sixteen channel transmitter has become very popular with pilots due to its open source programming, telemetry features and nice price. Aloft Hobbies shared a bit of news in connection with a couple of new FrSky transmitters that will soon be available. Veteran pilots can remember the times when single stick ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flyzone Inum Micro Indoor Flyer

Flyzone® INUM Micro_00

The winter months mean less opportunities to fly for many folks. Pilots who want to keep their thumbs free of cobwebs may want to take a look at this micro sized indoor flyer from Flyzone. The Inum is easy enough for novices to fly, and yet entertaining for more advanced pilots too. This Ready to Fly package is all-inclusive. The ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hangar 9 F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF


The F4U Corsair with it’s bent gull shaped wing has an unmistakeable outline.  Developed for the US Navy in the early part of world war two it had a rocky start as a carrier based plane but excelled when flown from ground bases by the US Marines.  The Corsair helped turn the tide against Japan by besting the Zero in ... Read More »