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Z|XG (Extreme Glare) Sunglasses by Zurich International Announces New Website

Zurich International announces their new web site at to showcase their alternative technology to polarized optics. The new web site for Z|XG (Zurich Extreme Glare) Sunglasses was developed for ease of navigation, and to present new information, as well as new products to consumers. Important to note are the regulations banning of the use of “Polarized” lenses in aviation by Federal Authorities. Millions of polarized lens users now face a major dilemma: the more digital electronics are used, the more likely “polarized” lenses will interfere with the viewing of LED, or LCD screens on flight instruments. Polarized Lenses are “out of date” in this digital age, and could be considered dangerous under certain conditions. Most polarized lens wearers already know that it is difficult to read a cell phone, a gas pump, a fish finder, a GPS, or other digital instruments used daily. For aviators the problem is intensified because they usually fly with polarized windshields, which when seen through polarized sunglasses, are frequently blocked out by cross-polarization. All this is in addition to having diminished ability in reading their avionic instruments. Ironically, sunglass lens wearers desire the protection afforded them with “Polarized” lenses, but are increasingly inhibited from reading digital instruments in this new electronic age. Zurich International is offering the only viable answer to this perplexing condition, and problem.

Bruce Holden, Optician and owner of Zurich International, stated that “ Z|XG’s “Extreme Glare” technology “guarantees to blocks more glare in the sun, and reduces slightly more glare on snow, water, or other highly reflective surfaces than Polarized lenses do.” “This fact comes as a big surprise to many Polarized lens enthusiasts”, he stated. Holden further said, “Our new web site visually demonstrates these dramatic differences, and shows why the Z|XG “Extreme Glare” technology is superior to polarized lenses in most sunny conditions.” Zurich International now offers a viable alternative to polarized lenses that allows the reading of digital instruments and eliminates annoying blotches in windshields. The web site also sells “Extreme Glare” technology produced into regular sunglasses, custom made sunglasses, and now available in prescription sunglasses for as little as $99.

See the new web site at, for more information, and to visually see what “Extreme Glare” technology can do. Z|XG’s wrap around styles are offered by less than 1% of Optical Professionals making prescription lenses. We specialize in making Rx lenses in wrap around frames in addition to using our “Extreme Glare” technology. This is an unbeatable combination not available anywhere else in the world today.

See the visual proof for yourself at

For further information, please contact:
Bruce Holden, Owner/Optician
“Extreme Glare” Sunglasses
Zurich International
9418 Snow Lake Place
Elk Grove, CA. 95758