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Weatronic BAT 60 2.4GHz Transmitter

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the BAT 60 transmitter is poised to take transmitter technology to an entirely new level. A large five inch color touch screen allows pilots to access the Linux programmed user interface. A total of 96 functions (channels) can be accessed using the 22 different input devices of the BAT 60. Redundant RF modules allow bidirectional communications at ranges of up to three miles. WiFi capabilities allow the interface to be mirrored on compatible smart devices. Bullet-proof gimbals feature nine ball bearings and 4096 steps worth of resolution. Voice annunciation of telemetry data can be done over the included speaker or headphones, with the option to record new voice files. An intelligent battery management system uses four 3,000mAh LiPo cells, with full monitoring of each cell. Available in four different color schemes.

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