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Watts over Owatonna Photo Gallery

Fly RC Magazine


From Fly RC Magazine: Hosted by the Southern Minnesota Model Aircraft Club and sponsored by ElectriFly, this year’s Watts over Owatonna was the best yet as this young event rapidly positions itself as the premier electric event in the Midwest.  See more fabulous images by Mike Buzzeo in our online gallery. 

Howard VonRuden 3.tifxxx JimBlanner2.tifxxx JimBlanner.tifxxx navy 4engine_011 cc Wendel Hottmann 1.tifxxx Wendel Hottmann 4.tifxxx zMisc_001.tifxxx zMisc_002.tifxxx zMisc_003.tifxxx zMisc_004.tifxxx zMisc_005.tifxxx zMisc_007 zMisc_009 zMisc_010 zMisc_011 zMisc_012.tifxxx zMisc_013 zMisc_016.tifxxx zMisc_017 zMisc_018 zMisc_019.tifxxx zMisc_021 zMisc_022 zMisc_023 zMisc_024 zMisc_026 zMisc_028.tifxxx zMisc_029.tifxxx zMisc_031.tifxxx zMisc_032 zMisc_034 CalBranton1.tifxxx CalBranton2.tifxxx CollinMayer.tifxxx Howard VonRuden 1.tifxxx