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UASUSA Announces the Tempest

Civil use drones are everywhere, and the gap between the RC world and the drone industry is quickly disappearing. UASUSA manufactures, pilots and programs electric, fully autonomous planes that come from sailplane technology. These drones provide everyday benefits to communities all around the world. UASUSA’s planes have helped dropped vaccines in Africa, searched for rhino poachers, studied the inner workings of tornados, flown at the edge of space and monitored flood damage…to name just a few of the missions. UASUSA exhibited their Tempest UAS (unmanned aircraft system) at the world’s largest RC exposition in Toledo, Ohio on April 10-12th, 2015. The booth included a virtual flight demonstration, allowing conference attendees to fly the Tempest over a sample area of land to be mapped. The booth was buzzing with attention, questions and news interviews.

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“As the FAA continues to make policy changes, they are beginning to see the valuable link between the established RC community and the ever-changing drone world”, comments Skip Miller, President and Founder of UASUSA and past World Champion pilot of RC sailplanes.  “The ability to pilot a small drone by line of sight is becoming an essential part of successful drone flight and safety”. The UASUSA booth facilitated increasing drone education and awareness in the RC world, and helped to bridge the gap between the two industries. “There are so many potential links that will benefit both worlds,” continues Skip. “The possibilities are limitless if we can learn to respect these amazing tools we have, and take advantage of the RC skills and the drone technology. Sure, some of the RC planes here are still for fun, to fly as a hobby or sport, but there are some, like the Tempest, that can change our world.”

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For more information on Tempest, click through to WWW.UASUSA.COM