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Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 Power Pack Heli Motor System

No need to experiment with different brushless motor and ESC combinations — the Power Pack delivers the best of both in a single, powerful package. It pairs the performance of an ACE R/C OBL 50/05-50H brushless outrunner motor to the precision control of a Castle Creations Phoenix Edge HV120 ESC. The Edge HV120 arrives with basic performance parameters already programmed in, but modelers can also fine-tune performance using the optional Castle Field Link Programming card or Castle Link USB adapter (both available separately) and free downloadable Castle Link software.

Notable Features:

* Lightweight OBL 50/05-50H Ripper brushless motor offers advanced .2 mm laminations for increased efficiency  and performance

* Dual ball bearing-supported output shaft

* Phoenix Edge 120HV ESC is pre-programmed

*  Can also be used on other 700 class machines

The perfect power pair for the Raptor E700!

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TRE2382 Raptor E700 Power Pack Heli Motor System…………..$359.99